Bootcut jeans: a 70’s trend that is coming back in force

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Jeans are the flagship and timeless piece of all feminine wardrobes and come in a multitude of styles according to trends. If fashion is with jeans close to the body with skinny or slim models, bootcut jeans are a timeless item that is making a comeback with fanfare on the catwalks and in the street.

If these jeans adjusted to the thighs and flared from the knee immediately evoke the look of the seventies, it had already made a comeback noticed in the late 90s and early 2000 proudly worn by stars like Britney Spears.

Today, in a fashion trend where women assume their forms and enhance them, a bootcut takes an essential place in the dressing room. Buy the new trendy dresses from the Khaadi sale

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But then how to wear bootcut jeans for a modern look? Are our bootcut jeans suitable for all body types? We give you all the answers to take advantage of this timeless feminine wardrobe.

The return of the bootcut trend

Fashion and trends evolve in cycles, allowing certain key pieces to never go out of fashion. This is the case of bootcut jeans that have faded in the face of the surge of jeans close to the body or jeans with a more androgynous style like the boyfriend cut, to come back in force today.

It represents a good compromise between slim jeans and flare: the cut close to the body at the top allows to highlight the thighs and the hips, and the flared bottom gives a style and a unique fall to enhance the foot.

By being available in various versions of colors, size (high or low), finishes (details of pockets, hem, 7/8), the bootcut plays chameleons and adapts very easily to daytime looks as to outfits. Evening. So to be trendy, do not hesitate to bring your bootcut out of the closet.

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Bootcut jeans for what type of morphology?

You may have fallen in love with the look of certain stars or your friends when you saw them wearing a bootcut and you wonder if these jeans are made for you. Bootcut jeans have a reputation for refining and lengthening the figure: what woman does not dream of this kind of clothing? Especially that it keeps all its promises: with its cut adjusted to the thighs and the slightly flared bottom, it rebalances the silhouette.

It flatters larger ones, and also allows smaller ones to give the impression of longer legs. For women with generous and assumed hips, these jeans enhance the forms without the tight effect of skinny jeans.

Bootcut jeans in a high waist version are recommended for women with rounded hips, while the low waist version allows women with a long bust to easily rebalance the silhouette.

You have no more excuses to leave your bootcut in the closet, just pair it with the right parts and the right shoes to have a very trendy look.

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How to wear bootcut jeans for a modern look?

Thanks to its different versions, the bootcut jeans are essential for the wardrobe that will ensure you as well a chic and urban look, as street wear or even elegant for an evening .

As the name suggests, the bootcut was designed to be worn with boots, to enhance the kick. He is therefore naturally the best friend of heeled boots and ankle boots, giving all your outfits a resolutely chic style and a slender look.

To complete the look in a bohemian chic spirit, you can combine high-waisted bootcut jeans in raw color, with a blouse tucked into the pants.

For a modern-day outfit, combine the normal size bootcut with a high neck sock sweater for the elegant side, a knitted shirt or a simple t-shirt for a more relaxed effect. To complete this look, the bootcut goes very well with a beautiful pair of white sneakers.

If you want to adopt the bootcut at the office to change your eternal city pants, it is very easy to give it a chic look by combining it with the right parts. Choose a black bootcut that you pair with a shirt and blazer.

You can easily switch to an evening look by wearing high heels and a transparent fluid top or lace for example.

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Bootcut jeans let’s play with styles: dare a very trendy look by combining the shortened and used bootcut with a simple t-shirt, and bring all the attention to the shoes with colorful boots.

Bootcut jeans can be the highlight of your outfit to which you combine simple clothes: a bootcut in a much worked style with a large hem visible at the bottom of the legs, and worker pockets alone gives style to your outfit. Team it with a simple t-shirt or knitted sweater for an effect that is both casual and original.

Whether you choose the high-waisted, low-waisted, blue, black or raw, shortened or push-up version, the bootcut is your ally for a trendy, modern and chic look.9