Juco Bags Market: Perfect Substitute For Plastics As They Are Eco-Friendly

The Juco bags are made up of a mixture of jute and cotton, which makes a very durable material called Juco fabric. Due to its strength and durability Juco fabric is the first choice for the consumers that demand strong packaging solution along with no harm to the environment. The Juco bags are 100% compostable and emerged as a sustainable solution for all the pollution problems caused by the usage of plastic and other materials. The demand for Juco bags has increased sharply in recent years, also the adaptability of Juco bags by the manufacturers and marketers to showcase themselves as green practitioner. The Juco bags can be a perfect substitute for plastics as they are eco-friendly, has very less carbon footprint, very low water footprint and most importantly these bags are extremely strong, these bags are proven to be completely biodegradable. Overall, the Juco bags market is expected to grow over the forecasted period.

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Juco Bags Market: Dynamics

The most important driver of the Juco bags market is the environment friendliness it offers as compared to the other materials such as various plastics which take centuries to decompose, the Juco bags are decomposed in a very short period. The cost-effectiveness of the Juco bags makes it an edge over other substitutes in the market, also the re-usability benefits offered by Juco bags are not offered by many other materials in the market. The marketers and manufacturers are attracted to the cheaper rates and availability of jute fibre which is easy to procure, and used to make the Juco bags. The consumer base which is environmentally concerned have a market trend to choose sustainable products and packaging over products made of pollutant materials.

A few drawbacks of Juco bags are it loses the colour and turns yellow when exposed to direct sunlight, also when the Juco bags get wet it starts losing its strength. Despite all the hampering factors Juco bags market is set to witness exponential growth for the upcoming decade.

Juco Bags Market: Regional Outlook

The stringent laws banning limiting the usage of plastics and other harmful pollutant materials for the production of packaging materials make North America a suitable market to contribute positively to the growth of the Juco bags market. The European region has the most environmentally concerned consumer base, along with that government banning the usage of single-use plastics and charging heavy taxes on the use of harmful pollutant, all these factors will be contributing to the growth of the Juco bags market in Europe. The Asia-Pacific region is the largest producer of jute fabric, along with that the fastest growing market for Juco bags, the rising population and growing pollution problem in the region makes it a major contributor to the growth of the Juco bags market. The Middle Eastern & African region offers the most lucrative opportunity for the future growth of the Juco bags market in the region, the largely untapped market of this region with a consumer base will result in the growth of the Juco bags market. Oceania has development plans for such sustainable products and materials to eliminate the hazardous substances from the ecosystem, which is expected to grow over the forecasted period.

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Juco Bags Market: Key Players

  • Param Jute Products
  • HandCraft Worldwide Company
  • Sara International
  • Oasis Agencies LLP
  • The Cotton Jute Bags
  • Asia Jute
  • Kush Exports
  • Flymaxexim
  • A. P. Exim Commercials
  • Eco Bags International
  • R Kumar & Company
  • Eco World Bags

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