Jewish Baby stroller until what age?

A stroller is practical. It offers baby significant comfort, at the same time avoiding long and exhausting walks! And it encourages a certain freedom of movement for the happy parents who can imagine various and varied routes without having to worry about the fatigue of their little one! In short, the stroller is great!

Infant stroller, carrycot, shell, and hammock: until what age?

The first age Jewish baby stroller is often presented as a frame on which you can add accessories. Depending on the accessory you are going to use with the frame, the useful life of the stroller will vary in its shape.


The carrycot is used from birth. It could be likened to a small bed. Many parents use it for this purpose from the birth of a baby. The useful life of this accessory is quite limited. Baby quickly becomes too big and requires more space for more comfort. Usually the carrycot is used for up to 4 months. However, you can push its use up to 6 months maximum.

The shell (or cozy)

The hull, on the other hand, is generally used from 3 months. But it is usually designed to be used from birth. A header wedge can be added for this purpose. Baby is installed there in a semi-seated position. It will be used on the stroller frame but also in the car, as a car seat. The shell will be used until the child is approximately 9 months old. But, depending on its morphology, this date will be advanced or postponed.

The hammock

The hammock is indicated from approximately 6 to 8 months. We then use the Jewish Baby stroller in its “final” function, in the position that you will know it to until the baby decides to walk. It is advisable to install baby there as soon as he is able to sit up. However, it is possible to install it from birth if the hammock allows a lying position. Then, from 5 months, we recommend an inclination of 30 to 60.

We are talking about a second age stroller for any stroller that can be used from the age of 6 months. It is generally a cane stroller, with a fairly light and compact structure like the Nano stroller from Mountain Buggy.

These strollers are designed to carry a child up to 3 years old in theory. But it is not uncommon to see them used for up to 4 years, or even 5 years. For this, we must pay attention; especially to the weight of the child. It is he who will determine whether or not he can continue to enjoy his comfortable stroller! This is therefore information to check before purchasing or renting a stroller.

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