Jake Nicks, The Face of the Changing Fintech Landscape

For longer enough, the financial technology (fintech) industry has been shrouded in secret. Numerous customers are typically skeptical and often resort to the traditional methods and channels instead. Now, Jake Nicks has joined the scene and he is ready to get things to a complete new level. He’s the creator of 6:38 Solutions, a fintech firm that focuses on creating options for Active Customer Acquisition.

The Uphill Battle to Growth

Growing up for Jake had been a hardcore climb up the side of the rocky hill. He was born on the very first of Feb 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His household income came exclusively from his dad and it arrived around about $20,000 each year. He grew up having a poverty way of thinking and educated to see cash as the important to happiness. Jake was raised believing that the only way to succeed in life had been to go to school, get a degree, and land a well balanced job.

His targets were destroyed when he discovered himself homeless and broke at only 20 years old. He started operating as a cleaner in a gym to create ends meet while living out of his car. Later, he relocated to a job waiting tables in a restaurant, and it was there that he met a man who liked his attitude so much that he provided him employment. From that one opportunity, he had been exposed to another planet and he started trying his hands at different businesses; from the trash-hauling agency to some landscape design outfit and a roofing company. His hard work paid and he rapidly rose to be recognized as the country’s no.1 door-to-door salesman, closing more than 200 deals in 8 months.

Falling and Increasing to New Peaks

By the time Jake turned 25, he was a millionaire. With his meteoric increase came a new set of problems. He realized that he was not content. When he had been living out of his car, his goal have been to work very difficult and make money, because he really believed he could just be content when he grew to become rich. This fresh reality threw him into a dark time period in his lifetime, where he also contemplated suicide. However, a zeal to accomplish things better held him alive, so he went back to where everything began; waiting dining tables.

Something has been different this time around. His heart had been free of all of the burden of expectancy and he had been simply doing a thing that made him content. By freeing himself from the web of self-gratification, Jake got his life back again and had written his comeback tale.

Disrupting A Fresh Industry

As a business owner, Jake has often chased disruption, and it is no different this time around. With 6:38 Solutions, he wants to change the face of the future.

“We are really focused on disruptive technology,” Jake said in a recently available conversation. “a decade ago, Blockbuster had been still a thing, right now it’s like, why did they not see it coming? Another example can be Airbnb, which possesses no real estate, but now has the largest chain of accommodations on the planet. We want to challenge people to believe differently.”