The Most Complete ISB Admissions Consulting at Experts’ Global

ISB Admissions Consulting at Experts’ Global

The Indian School of Business, or ISB, remains the undisputed choice for every MBA aspirant who does not wish to go abroad. Thus, it is essential that any firm providing MBA admissions consultancy service is thoroughly acquainted with the particular challenging aspects of ISB admissions process. Experts’ Global happens to be the only firm to have mastered the nuanced aspects of the ISB admissions procedure. No doubt, the firm holds a record of having achieved 90% interview call back rate for its applicants. Interestingly, most of the students actually credit Experts’ Global for their successful admission to ISB. 

Understanding ISB

The first step to being a good ISB admissions consultant would be to command a thorough understanding of the school, its processes, the programs offered, and the opportunities available for students. Experts’ Global, dedicated as they are to the concern of helping the students fulfill their MBA aspirations, have dedicatedly achieved this milestone to be qualified as the best ISB admissions consultants. Besides, they have helped 100s of students attain admit with the school, thereby owning a first-hand understanding of the minor details that many lack in. Consider this simple example: you may be worried about the significance of the different rounds of admissions. Any Experts’ Global mentor will tell you that applying in any round does not impact your chances of application; however, you can have better scholarship options if you apply in the first round. Even, regarding the school’s offerings, Experts’ Global has the perfect understanding of the sync between your profile and that of the curriculum particulars and campus activities.

Training for Interview

MBA admissions interviews are definitely a crucial part and ISB is no exception in placing significant importance on this particular step. In realization of the significance of the same, Experts’ Global has prepared a well-structured MBA interview prep regime. This effective procedure begins with a set of videos that educate the student in the basics of an MBA admissions interview process. Thus, the student is acquainted with the mannerisms and style expected in an admissions interview process. Next, the student answers a comprehensive questionnaire of MBA interview questions. Based on this performance of the student, the interview mentor sets up a mock interview session, wherein the student’s particular improvement points are closely observed and a feedback provided, in accordance. Such repeated mock sessions help the student steadily improve his/her performance and build confidence.

Story Boarding

A peculiar aspect of the ISB admissions process is the school’s disregard of the resume. That is to say, this is the only B-school that does not ask for the resume as a necessary admission requirement. Thus, the application essays gain primordial importance in the application process and the Experts’ Global admissions team understands the significance of the same. The highly qualified essay-writing team at the firm is deft at creating the perfect narrative that is compelling and justly binds the student’s experiences and aspirations even within the limited structure of the two essays. A striking factor of the essays is the powerful theme that makes the essay a worthy read and duly represents the candidature to the admissions committee. The essay teams know that each student is unique, distinguished by his/her experiences, expertise, and career choices and knows best to highlight these distinctive factors.

Structured Approach

A crucial aspect that sets the Experts’ Global team apart as the good MBA admissions consultants is their strong adherence to basic values. The team understands that an MBA application process may become extremely overwhelming for the applicants. Hence, in keeping with their system of approaching every task in an organized and disciplined way, the team has designed a well-structured approach that is time-bound. Thus, both the mentors and the students are obliged to keep to specific milestones that ensure that all aspects of the application process are duly covered and the students are provided with the essays with ample time to work on the reviews. Even students, who have enrolled with only 1-month to spare for the application deadline, have always praised the comfortable timelines.

Consultation and Iterations

Guided by the notion of seeing their “clients” as students, the Experts’ Global MBA admissions team view themselves as teachers, responsible for assuring their student’s success. Thus, the team here does not cap the number of consultations or content revisions that the student may request of them. The team believes that the student must feel confident about his/her application and does not rest till the same is achieved. Thus, while the team can only afford so much time, they will go the extra mile to ensure that student is satisfied and feels confident about his/her essays and the application. They know that they are helping someone shape their career and not simply working on deliverables.

Thorough understanding of processes, well-rounded methodology, and exceptional work ethics make the Experts’ Global team the best resource for all ISB aspirants.