Is skyrocketing entrepreneur Dave Fox just getting started? Or is he a seasoned industry expert?

Dave Fox
Dave Fox

Dave Fox began Focus Global Talent Solutions in January 2018. Focus GTS is exponentially impacting how staffing and recruiting works for niche technology markets. Focus’ motto is, “We take the pain out of recruitment so you can focus on what you do best.” 

Focus was founded on the belief that most companies over-complicate their recruitment process, especially when looking for in-demand, niche talent. Focus simplifies this process through a variety of innovative methods.

As Dave explains, “GTS works with companies around the country and using their cutting edge recruitment process they’ll typically cut in half the time it would typically take to fill a position. The Corporate Executive Board recently did a study and found that it costs a company $500 per day for an open position. With our cutting edge process Focus is saving companies thousands of dollars.”

Dave has combined his deep expertise in the financial sector with his rich understanding of how recruiting and relationships work between people and companies to build an efficient, streamlined recruiting process for niche talent and niche industries. 

Focus GTS is a niche IT staffing company with a focus on 3 core verticals: Digital Marketing Technology, Data Science/Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence/Analytics. Having dominated the last 9 years in the IT recruitment space, Dave started Focus GTS, and they’ve had nothing but unparalleled growth.

Dave explains,

“There’s a perception out there that companies can fill roles themselves, that hiring recruiters is a waste of money and this may be true for very general roles, however, as soon as you get into difficult to fill niche roles this thought process is no longer logical. You need to align yourself with an expert that can deliver.”

However, this path hasn’t been easy. Dave Fox rose from struggles with addiction early in life into one of the world’s foremost experts for staffing and recruiting by staying determined, and dominating each industry he was serving, learning the ropes along the way. Today, he helps companies find the best talent using Focus GTS’ innovative approaches. 

“I want to be known as someone who never puts limits on what’s possible. At the end of my life, I don’t want to wonder what could have been. I want to know that I got everything out of life that I could.

I’ve been a mixed martial arts fan for years. I have a motto: “Make life tap out.” Often, people go through life and just give in to whatever life gives them. I want life to submit to me!”

Dave Fox has accomplished dreams and blown past barriers few can master… and he’s just getting started.