IoT for Public Safety Market 2022 : Expanding Application Areas To Drive The Global Industry Growth

A wide assortment of internet of things (IoT) technologies has made vast inroads into consumer and enterprise markets in recent years.  End users have been leveraging the potential in connected devices for achieving numerous objectives diverse applications areas, world over. Industry players have forayed into public safety and emergency response systems. Government and regulatory agencies in various countries tasked with ensuring public safety are increasingly using IoT-enabled devices. The technologies enable them to utilize environmental, situational, and contextual awareness data from smart connected devices to meet their operational requirements and achieve optimal cost reduction. The use of IoT also enables agencies to bolster asset management capabilities and improve staff safety. As an example, first responders during emergencies may use IoT to reduce the response time and overcome infrastructural constraints to improve their services. Growing popularity of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technologies is also boosting the market.

Rising use of IoT and M2M technologies in surveillance systems, communication networks, and biometric and authentication system is propelling the growth of the IoT for public safety market. Advances in IoT platforms particularly with respect to the safety and security of smart devices have been underpinning new, exciting avenues in the IoT for public safety market. Advent of integrated IoT platforms have unlocked lucrative prospects in the market.

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Rising number of terrorist attacks, especially in public places, and growing number of natural calamities, notably floods, are factors bolstering the demand for IoT technologies in developing and developed countries. Rising adoption of IoT as one of the key frameworks of smart cities in numerous countries is boosting the market. Moreover, modernized communication network, such as telecom networks, lay down a solid foundation for innovative product launches in the IoT for public safety market. However, the uptake is limited on account of low level of awareness.

Nevertheless, the growing use cases of IoT for healthcare has opened a new avenue in the market. IoT plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry for expediting emergency healthcare. For instance, the use of smart devices is gathering steam for real-time monitoring of patients suffering with life-threatening diseases is a case in point. Numerous IoT-enabled devices such as connected medical wristband may be worn by patients to detect early risks in vital parameters. This may help in early detection of the potential risks of heart attacks in the patient population.

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IoT-enabled platforms and services have gathered some steam among police, fire, and emergency medical services in developed countries. They are benefitting from the launch of cost-effective wireless solutions. Moreover, there is rising demand for such IoT solutions among law enforcement agencies for monitoring non-violent offenders, pre-trial detainees, and juveniles. A potential use of IoT in public safety is the rising usage of wearable sensors on police uniforms. For instance, the use of gun holster sensors and body cameras helps improving their accountability. Growing acceptance of data gathered through smart devices has also expanded the prospects of the market.

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