International Transactions Finally Made Easy with Qazikoo Challenger Bank

Qazikoo Challenger Bank

London fintech company ensures fast and free overseas payments

Qazikoo Director Kevin Kelpinwietz first made headlines in 2018, when he announced his project to build a Challenger Bank that would allow for free international payments.  In September 2023, he is going to make good on his pledge and cement his reputation as a revolutionary leader in the banking sector.

32-year-old Kelpinwietz, living in London, pushed his revolutionary banking concept into the limelight and received lots of media attention. As a preeminent person, Kelpinwietz combined modern-day needs with IT advancements to create Qazikoo, one of the best fintech companies to send money from a local to an international bank.

Qazikoo’s distinguishes itself for its cutting-edge technology that allows you to easily link bank accounts for secure transactions at zero cost. Qazikoo’s new approach sees most payments completed within 24 hours, if not instantly.

Traditional banks make transferring money a complicated and costly affair, but it needn’t be. Kelpinwietz’s futurist’s views disrupt traditional banks as the go-to method for international bank transfers in favour of Challenger Banks, seen as the most convenient option. So much so, that Qazikoo Challenger Bank has gained a solid reputation across the world for its simple, and free, international payment method.

A key point in Kelpinwietz’s vision is transparency. He highlights how when using traditional banks for international payments, there are two costs involved: the advertised fees and the hidden costs which are concealed behind poor exchange rates. Depending on who your bank is, sending cash abroad can be expensive, costing up to £28 to send £100.

Whether people are moving small or large amounts of money, Qazikoo significantly cuts down processing times with no unexpected costs. Sending money with Qazikoo means transferring money into a range of currencies, from the more popular ones, including US Dollars, to the less-known ones.

Talking about the challenges of today’s international payments, Director Kelpinwietz comments: “It’s hard to believe that we still have to pay hefty fees to send money abroad, but what’s even more shocking is the time it takes to process a transaction. There’s no doubt in my mind that people should be able to send and receive money without any hassles.”

With Qazikoo Challenger Bank, users can benefit from a wide range of banking services and control their bank accounts in one uniformed app. Qazikoo’s user-friendly app and transparency makes digital banking easy with free of charge international payments.

“International transfers are something that happens millions of times a day. If you’re sending money, you know how expensive it can be. That’s why I wanted to build an app that would help people streamline their bank accounts to manage their money easily. Our international payments service is so competitive that I’m sure it will offer great value to our consumers,” concluded Kelpinwietz.

Qazikoo Challenger Bank launches in September 2023, with more than 10’000 people already signed up and 1’000 celebrities talking about it on social media. For more information, please visit XX (website address).