Intelligent Assistant Embedded Consumer Devices Market | Global Industry Size, Share, Growth, Key Companies Trends & Forecast 2024-2030

Intelligent Assistant-Embedded Consumer Devices Market – Snapshot

Intelligent assistance embedded consumer devices are artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice-based assistants. The intelligent assistance embedded device can perform services or tasks based on verbal commands. Virtual assistance is expanding rapidly, with new products entering the market and a strong emphasis on voice user interfaces. Further, embedded intelligence helps in analyzing a product’s working environment to enhance and control the overall product performance. This capability of the device unleashes new opportunities to increase quality or to ensure better customer satisfaction by enabling accurate work with greater efficiency than humans.

intelligent assistant embedded consumer devices market

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Emerging technologies such as intelligent-embedded assistant devices and echo dot personal assistants are used for entertainment. These technologies have led to a new world of possibilities and opportunities. Smart Home is one of the focus areas in which intelligent assistant embedded device technologies are being integrated and this is the key factor propelling the growth of the market. Increasing number of third-party vendors and a developer environment for intelligent assistance embedded devices is escalating the market. Intelligent assistance embedded technology is used in numerous devices such as smart TVs, smart speakers, video surveillance devices, and others. Rise in adoption of connectivity technology is high in the market as most manufacturers provide smart interactive systems for connectivity and offer remote access services to different devices at different locations. Assisting software and devices are providing voice control device services for connectivity. Meanwhile, an increase in the use of virtual assistance platforms and adoption of smart devices are expected to boost the market.

The intelligent assistant-embedded consumer devices market has been segmented based on device type and region. According to the research, mobile devices are projected to see the highest implementation of intelligent embedded devices during the forecast period. Growth in usage of mobile devices is highest as compared to other products. Mobile devices hold major share in the market currently and the trend is expected to continue during the forecast period as well due to rapid growth in the number of mobile phone users. Furthermore, digital revolutions taking place in countries such as India, South Africa, and China also drive the adoption of mobile phones, thus driving the intelligent assistant-embedded consumer devices market. Furthermore, the governments of India and China have undertaken initiatives for smart city projects. This offers opportunities to increase the installation of smart devices such as voice control AI assistants, smart displays, and customer service devices to enhance the customer experience.

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In terms of volume, North America holds a strong position in the global Intelligent Assistant-Embedded Consumer Devices Market. This is due to strong adoption of these devices with the presence of many IT and software companies and electronics devices manufacturers in the region. Additionally, increased adoption of advanced technologies and increase in the number of mobile phone users are driving the market in this region. After North America, the market in Europe and Asia Pacific are expected to contribute considerable share due to rising number of IT companies. Asia Pacific is estimated to hold the highest growth rate in terms of CAGR during the forecast period as compared to North America and Europe. Although North America holds the largest share of the market, its growth rate is less compared to APAC. The market in MEA and South America are projected to grow at a slower pace during the forecast period.

Major players in the intelligent assistance embedded devices market include Microsoft Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Google, LLC, Apple Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd., LG Electronics, HP Development Company, L.P, Intel Corporation, ARM Holdings, and Inc. Major players in the market are investing significantly in developing systems equipped with latest technology and offer advanced functionality. To expand market presence across the globe, strategic partnerships and collaborations with regional vendors is a major strategy adopted by leading vendors of the market.