Instagram is the best platform to sell as an affiliate? Is it worth buying followers?

Most beginner affiliates start in Instagram by several factors.  

In instagram everyone already knows that they don’t need to show up to sell. 

There are thousands of profiles in the instagram that the owner does not show up and performs sales as an affiliate. 

What makes many beginner affiliates unable to sell in the instagram are some mistakes. 

Almost every day in facebook affiliate groups there is someone selling some profile in the instagram. 

And many beginner affiliates end up buying these profiles thinking that it is only having a large profile that will succeed in selling. 

Other affiliates comprar seguidores with the same thought. 

And that’s when many get frustrated and start thinking that this market is not working. 

People don’t accept that success takes time and dedication.  

If the same person who bought the profile or bought followers had taken that money and paid for an influence to post their link in the stories would probably have made their first sales. 

When you’re small it’s a lot harder to sell in the instagram, but if you’re willing to pay for influence you can already make your first sales. 

The instagram is packed with influences from every niche you can imagine. 

 Pay for one that is well engaged and has to do with the target audience of the product you are advertising. 

Don’t buy followers that you will be burning your money if you want to make sales. 

You can find influences that charge cheap to make a storie. 

Do the math of how many sales you need to make to recoup your investment according to the amount of your commission.  


Most influencers don’t even know what affiliate marketing is, they live off paid advertising most of the time.  You can pay them to advertise your scheme as well. This way you gain followers in addition to sales. 


You can also draw lots that are beneficial both to you and to influence you. 

Sweepstakes bring a good result in terms of followers.  

Many times you lose a part of those followers after the draw but the part that stays is because you liked its content and can become its customers in the future. 

Another way to sell as an instagram affiliate is by investing in instagram ads. 

Instead of spending your money buying followers, invest in ads that will actually turn into sales. 

You can start with a relatively low investment and have a high return. 

It all depends on the ticket of the product you sell, if you are starting it is advisable that you choose a low ticket product. 

The cheaper the product you are selling the lower your investment needs to be. 

And of course the copy and creative of the ad needs to be good to convert. 

Copy is more important than design, so if you are a beginner affiliate learn copy right from the start. 

If you are investing in any course, invest in a copy course. 

Because without it you do not sell or invest a truck of money in ads. 

Copy is important even for you to gain followers, learn copy that you will never need to buy followers or enjoy. 

If your posts are made with a persuasive copy structure you will gain followers, tanned, and still sell a lot. 

Now that I’ve given you the basics about selling in the instagram, you must still be waiting for the answer to the article title, right? 

Is instagram the best platform to sell as an affiliate? 

The answer to that question is: it depends. 

If you see where the top players in the market are selling you will notice that they are all in the instagram. 


But not only in the instagram, they are on almost every social network. 

 And usually most start with youtube not instagram. 


That doesn’t mean one social network is better than the other. 

It’s just that if your goal is organic traffic I would say youtube is better. 

But if you’re willing to invest in paid traffic the instagram is one of the best alternatives.