Inlay Paper Market Trends and Research Insights by 2027

The new way of providing security optimised solutions on an appropriate material is made easy by the help of new advancements, which can also give accurate information about a particular product or person by the chip embedded in the paper. The inlay papers are the papers which contain chip and a small antenna which is kept together via substrate and helps to know the details of product on which these inlay paper is stick, with the help of radio-waves.

The inlay paper has reduced the need of labour and has the logistics, warehouses, hospitals, inventories and retailers to cut down there cost and to attain more security for their work. And also, the inlay paper is made up of synthetic paper or recycled paper which gives manufacturers a good opportunity to enter the market as paper industry is already flourishing. Apart from it, because of digitalisation and various advancements in technology, manufacturers may get an upper hand.

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Inlay Paper Market – Market Dynamics

The inlay paper is used in passport manufacturing as there is a layer of radio-frequency shielding material which is responsible for reducing the risk of data theft. The new electronic inlay papers provide high-quality, ready-to-use products and durable passport booklets. Also these inlay papers have high wear and tear resistance, can withstand exposure to intense heat causing no negative effect on its material properties, suitable for multiple printing, have sealed surface for better laminating & trouble free wire embedding.

Also because of sustainable development, inlay papers are nowadays manufactured using sustainably sourced paper & pulp without any formaldehydes or other solvents and harmful compounds. In fact, the waste water and air emissions generated during the manufacturing of inlay paper are also according to the latest technological standards.

Furthermore, the demand for inlay paper is likely to have a substantial growth as the warehouses, inventories and logistics will continue to demand for secured and fast service systems which will enhance their operational capabilities, and therefore, the inlay paper will see rising growth in the market.

Inlay Paper Market – Market Segmentation

By material type, the inlay paper market is segmented as follows-

  • Synthetic Paper
  • Recycled Paper

By product type, the inlay paper market is segmented as follows-

  • Wet Inlay Paper
  • Dry Inlay Paper

By frequency type, the inlay paper market is segmented as follows-

  • UHF inlay paper (Ultra high frequency)
  • HF inlay paper (High frequency)

By technology, the inlay paper market is segmented as follows-

  • RFID
  • QR Code
  • Others

By end user industry, the inlay paper market is segmented as follows-

  • Logistics
  • Inventories
  • Warehouses
  • Payment systems
  • Asset management
  • Retail
  • Passport

Inlay Paper Market – Regional Outlook

The Inlay paper is in the demand because of rise in the digitalisation in various sectors such as logistics, inventories, etc. The market of inlay paper is largest in China. Many countries which are into imports and exports are also responsible for driving the growth of inlay paper market. North America is the second largest region for the inlay paper market. The inlay paper is expected to flourish in the regions like Europe and Middle-east as the companies of the regions are also moving towards reliability and notable advancements which are coming up.

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Inlay Paper Market – Competitors

There are many manufacturers of the inlay paper in the market from which the key manufacturers of the inlay paper market are as follows-

  • Lahnpaper GmbH
  • HID Global Corporation
  • Smartrac Technology GmbH
  • Kugler-Womako
  • Alien Technology, LLC.
  • Shang Yang RFID Technology Yangzhou Co., Ltd.
  • Avery Dennison Corporation
  • Shanghai Inlay Link Inc.
  • Invengo Technology Pte. Ltd
  • Xiamen Xindeco IOT Technology Co.Ltd.
  • Identiv, Inc.
  • Zhejiang Junmp Technology Inc. Ltd

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