Infrared Mammary Gland Tester Market – Increase in awareness about breast cancer and demand for pre-detection of lesion

Infrared Mammary Gland Tester Market: Introduction

  • Mammary gland is the milk-producing gland of all female mammals. Mammary glands are regulated by the endocrine system and become functional in response to hormonal changes associated with parturition.
  • In women, mammary glands start to develop due to the release of estrogen, which helps in milk production in lactating women after the birth of a child. These glands are regulated by hormones; at puberty, increasing level of estrogen helps to develop the mammary glands. Progesterone and prolactin are key hormones secreted during pregnancy, which help to develop the duct system. After childbirth, the level of prolactin increases, which stimulates the production of milk.
  • Thermography is a technique of measuring the temperature of the surface of a body and is used in medical applications. Infrared imaging is a physiological test that measures the subtle physiological changes that might be caused by many conditions, such as contusions, fractures, burns, carcinomas, dermatological diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus and associated pathology, deep venous thrombosis, liver disease, and bacterial infections.

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  • These conditions are commonly associated with regional vasodilation, hyperthermia, hyperperfusion, hypermetabolism, and hypervascularization, which generate a higher-temperature heat source. Unlike imaging techniques such as X-ray, ultrasonography, MRI, and other structural imaging tools that primarily provide information on the anatomical structures, infrared imaging provides functional information that is not easily measured by other methods. Thus, correct use of digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) images requires in-depth physiological knowledge for effective interpretation. It has been developed to assist physicians in differentiating benign tissue from malignant tissue by characterizing different patterns in the infrared signal emitted by the tissue.
  • Infrared mammary gland tester, a combination of computer digital technology, imagology, and optics is employed in the diagnosis. This device utilizes infrared rays to scan and diagnose the breast. Hemoglobin in the blood exhibits clear absorption of infrared radiation and hence, this light is used to scan the breast tissue. Post the photoelectric conversion by the computer, the signal is processed.

Increase in awareness about breast cancer and demand for pre-detection of lesion

  • Female mastopathy affects women between the ages of 17 and 45. Major complaints being chest pain resulting from neoplasm. Mastopathy has the potential to progress into cancer; however, early detection and cure can prevent this progression.
  • The medical care of a patient with breast cancer is expensive and considering the cost and value of the preservation of the health of the citizen, prevention of breast cancer has become a priority in public health
  • Various research groups have developed handheld optical devices (or scanners) for breast cancer imaging, for detection, diagnosis, and/or prognosis. These optical devices that focus on early detection (for potential prescreening) of breast cancer.
  • Several studies and development are underway to improve the early detections in benefits, as this would make women comfortable with screening and testing. Advances in IR cameras that are used to obtain thermal images of the breast as well as computational tools used to accurately model heat transfer within the breast have significantly increased the accuracy of thermography.

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North America to Hold Prominent Share of Market

  • North America and Europe account for a notable share, in terms of revenue, of the global infrared mammary gland tester market. Awareness programs and initiatives for breast cancer by various NGOs and government agencies have fueled the use of infrared mammary gland tester. In the U.S., one in eight women would be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • Asia Pacific is also a lucrative market for infrared mammary gland tester. Increase in health awareness and large population are projected to drive the use of such devices.

Key Players Operating in Global Infrared Mammary Gland Tester Market

The key players providing solutions in the global infrared mammary gland tester market include:

  • Sanwe medical equipment co. Ltd.
  • Mayamed
  • Med sing long
  • Okchem
  • ORS

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