The demand for industrial floor scrubbers is gaining pace amidst the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, since healthcare facilities are increasing efforts to ensure effective disinfection of floor surfaces. The idea of contact-free cleaning, as opposed to manual cleaning such as mopping, is growing popular in the current industrial floor scrubber market. Hence, companies in the industrial floor scrubber market are capitalizing on the trend of contact-free cleaning and increasing their production capabilities.

Since floor scrubbing machines fall under the category of essential goods, manufacturers are able to tap into revenue generation activities amidst challenging situations of the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only healthcare, clients in other value chains such as hospitality, retail, food, and government organizations are also adopting floor scrubbing machines. Customers are becoming increasingly aware about the advantages of mechanical cleaning.

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Can Robotic Industrial Floor Scrubbers Replace Manual Labor in Future?

The technology for automatic sweepers and robotic industrial floor scrubbers is still in its nascent stage. However, companies are increasing their R&D capabilities to innovate in automatic floor cleaners. For instance, EUREKA— a manufacturer of manual sweepers integrated with vacuum systems, revealed that the company is keen on innovating robotic industrial floor scrubbers with the help of enhanced programming expertise.

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Design teams of companies in the industrial floor scrubbers market have already began work in the sphere of robotics to meet the needs of clients. For instance, Avidbots is gaining increased recognition in the industrial floor scrubber market for its first-of-its-kind Neo Version 1.7 autonomous floor scrubbing robot that boosts productivity levels across industries. Manufacturers are increasing efforts to integrate the industry’s highest quality motors and actuators to deploy long battery life in autonomous floor scrubbing robots.

Water Recycling Functionalities and Compact Machines Preferred by End Users

End users are spoilt with a plethora of options in industrial floor scrubbers. Comac SpA-a European manufacturer of industrial scrubbing machines, is increasing its marketing efforts to increase the uptake of its Comac C85 Non Stop Cleaning (NSC) machine that recycles water used for floor cleaning. Thus, the act of recycling water in cutting-edge industrial floor scrubbers is boosting the credibility of companies that help to reduce the ecological impact of cleaning operations.

On the other hand, manufacturers in the industrial floor scrubber market are increasing the availability of compact machines that can be easily operated in small and cluttered environments. They are sourcing high capacity lithium ion batteries to deploy high performance cleaning operations across industries. Companies in the industrial floor scrubber market are increasing their research efforts to develop lightweight machines that meet convenience needs of clients.

Floor Cleaning Machines V/S Manual Cleaning: Which is better?

Manual cleaning is highly preferred to reach small spaces and tight corners, which is virtually challenging in conventional industrial floor scrubbers. However, mopping hard floors can leave the floors wet for a long time, resulting in slips and trips and undesirable mess when people cross over wet surfaces, thus rendering the main motive of cleaning as inefficient. Hence, companies in the industrial floor scrubber market are capitalizing on the limitations in manual cleaning to boost sales of their machines.

Companies in the industrial floor scrubber market are increasing the availability of scrubber dryers that are efficient alternatives to mopping and in applications of cleaning large surfaces. On the other hand, compact industrial floor scrubbers are making it possible to clean the most difficult spaces in various warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The demand for walk-behind scrubbers is surging, since it offers a range of settings for the worker operating the machine.

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