Impact Of Covid-19 Outbreak On High Frequency, High Voltage Advanced Winding Analyzers and Surge Testers Market

Advanced winding analyzers and surge testers are being widely used as standard calibrating instruments.In the past decade the electronic and electrical industry saw the advent of many technically advanced instruments being used in various fields. The ease of usage and efficiency provided by this equipment haveaugmented the increase in demand for electronic and electrical equipment. However, the demand of this equipment depends upon the reliability and efficiency provided by device.High voltage testing has gained significance in the past decades due to this factors. Advanced Winding Analyzer and surge testers are used for trend analysis which will prevent downtime due to less equipment failure and give increased equipmentreliability.
Surge testers use the principle of impedance balance to test the quality of electrical windings. They act as a capacitive-discharge system. A capacitor is charged with high voltage and then discharged into the winding, through a solid state assembly. This sequence is repeated thus stressing the insulation of the winding with high voltage pulses. The resulting voltage decay pattern of two winding is then displayed on the CRT. The waveform pattern will be perfectly superimposed for good windings but in case of a defective winding a double wave pattern will appear on the screen as one wave pattern from the good winding plus the erratic pattern from the faulty winding.
Surge testers not only tests ground insulation, but more importantly, it tests turn-to-turn coil-to-coil and phase-to-phase insulation. If as few as one turn is shorted the surge test till detect this fault.Advanced winding analyzersdetect and evaluate winding faults by simulating conditions that equipment experience during startup and normal operation. It performs all requested tests, stores the results, and continuously monitors voltage levels while testing. If the analyzer detects a weakness in the insulation, the test is interrupted, the operator is alerted, and all test parameters at the time of the interruption are reported. This analysis includes surge testing, polarization index testing, DC high potential testing, winding resistance testing, and insulation resistance testing.
However, traditional analyzers and surge testers have several shortcomings. The test results provided areless reliable. The operators working with the instruments my lack awareness about the testers. Automation is being used as an effective tool to overcome this problems. A computer and IP network attached to the testers are used to display the accurate result. The computers are also used to keep a record of the anomalies in voltage. Thus it becomes to take preventive measures. Advanced analyzers and surge testers are used for quality checks and spare testing throughout the manufacturing process of coils, motors and generators. Large screens, high operating frequencies and high portability is inclining the market towards advanced winding analyzer and reliable surge testing.
Power generation sector is now transforming to equip advanced technology such as smart grid, distributed generation network, micro turbines and utility automation, among others. The usage of these instruments is under planned deployment into smart-grid, power stations and substations as electricity infrastructure upgrade. Analyzers manufacturers are using research and development strategy to adapt the advancing equipment in the market. Countries globally are shifting towards monitoring electricity with emphasis on reduction in energy losses. These factors have supported the demand of advanced winding analyzers and surge testers. The testers available in the market are highly advanced and multitasking.These instruments now offer tests that can determine the entire system integrity and report in real time. Megohm measurement, Insulation tests, polarization index tests, motor current signature analysis, step voltage test, hypot tests, meg tests, voltage power and efficiency data etc, are few tests provided by high voltage analyzers and surge testers.
These instruments can be segmented depending upon the end user such as industrial, commercial, manufacturing firms and utilities. However, high cost of testers is acting as a hindrance in the growth of its market. These advanced equipment may witness growth in infrastructure and oil and gas sectors. The developing nations such as China and India have undertaken many projects for infrastructure and industrial development. These factors will make Asia Pacific as an attractive market for advanced winding analyzers and surge testers.
Some of the major players in this market are Baker Instruments, Electrom instruments, ALL-TEST Pro, LLC.,PdMA, SKF, Renown Electric, Whitelegg machines Ltd., Stanley Electric motor company, INC., Schleich and SPS electronics, among others.