How Zinc Can Save Your Mask From Microbes


Zinc. You probably don’t think too much about it, except maybe when you’re looking at multivitamins or some types of sunscreen. Did you know that Zinc, in addition to being an essential mineral, is also anti-microbial? Yep, it zaps odor-causing bacteria like nobody’s business.

Why is this important today? Well, let me tell you, have you ever worn a mask all day and gone to put it on the next day and smelled yesterday’s lunch?

Gross. Very gross.

The moisture in our breath can make masks an ideal place for bacteria and other microbes to thrive. But not with zinc.

Enter Maskwise, a California mask distributor that earned its chops during the pandemic when their supply chains brought millions of masks into PPE-starved United States. They’ve developed a mask that uses zinc Acteev Protect™ technology, making it the first anti-microbial face mask to hit the market.

And it’s been a boom. They use a special polymer that incorporates zinc ions directly into the fiber matrix of the melt-blown non-woven fabric, the same kind preferred by medical professionals worldwide.

“The specialty polyamide polymer matrix… shows superior and potentially class-leading antimicrobial efficacy”

-Christopher A. McDevitt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, ARC Future Fellow and Group Leader, University of Melbourne

Maskwise produces these antimicrobial miracle masks in affordable, bulk packages so you don’t have to worry about washing, sterilizing and drying your mask after each time you wear it.

Maskwise’s Acteev Protect antimicrobial face mask is available at their website,