How to Troubleshoot Error Code 30066 in Microsoft Office Setup?

Error Code 30066 in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a whole tools package which offers you various essential software to use like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint etc. When the user gets into error code 30066, they can’t use Office tools. The error code on Office setup can occur due to various reasons. When you get Error Code 30066, you need to find the causes behind the error.

Reasons Behind Office Setup 30066 Error:

  1. Unable to install Office setup due to antivirus or firewall
  2. Your internet connection is poor
  3. You are trying to install a corrupted or incompatible Office setup
  4. Registry files of your device get corrupted
  5. System junk is interrupting the installation process
  6. Low disk space
  7. You have another Office setup on the device

Troubleshooting Office Setup 30066 error code:

Disable Your Antivirus And Firewall Temporarily

While installing the Office program, if your installation process is interrupting from time to time then you should check for the antivirus and firewall. Sometimes the firewall suspects the incoming traffic as suspicious and blocks it. You should try disabling the firewall while installing the Office on your device. If you are using the antivirus’s firewall then disable your whole antivirus for some time. You also need to disable the Windows firewall temporarily. The Windows firewall is on the System and Security page. Go to the Windows firewall and turn it off. Now again try to install the Office setup on your computer. If the Office is still showing an error while installing the setup then you should enable the firewall and antivirus on your device and then seek other solutions for troubleshooting your errors.

Scan The System Files

The error on installing Office can occur when the system files of Windows get corrupted. The Windows system files can get affected due to some malware infection or some changes on the system. You have to fix those corrupted system files for troubleshooting the Office related error. For fixing the system files, you can run the sfc tool. This is an inbuilt tool provided by Windows for repairing the system tool. Run the sfc/scannow tool on your Windows computer and wait for the results. Now wait to complete sfc scanning. Now restart your computer and then again try to install the Office on your device.

Check The MS Setup Bootstrapper

The installation error of Office can occur when the MS Setup bootstrapper is now not working properly. This tool is necessary for installing the Office on your device. Go to the bootstrapper and check for the error. Fix the error and then only you can install the Office setup. Fix the Bootstrapper and then restart the system. Now go to Office setup and try to install it on your device.

Run An Antivirus Scan On Your Device

Installation issues on Office setup can appear when your computer is dealing with a malware infection. Viruses can interrupt your setup installation process. When you get the error with Office setup, scan your whole device with a good antivirus. After completing the scan, restart the device and install Office setup.

Remove All Your System Junk

Sometimes the junk files can interrupt the Office setup installation. Some of the junk files like temporary files start interrupting your programs and processes. You have removed all the system junk before installing the Office. Open your PC and check for junk on the files. Checking all the files one-by-one will take a lot of time. You can run the junk cleanout tool on your device. Windows have a clean manager tool that checks the device files for junk. It lists all the junk files on your device at once. Run the cleanmgr tool on your computer and it will show you all the junk files on your device. Delete the files from the PC and then try to install the setup.

You Have Another MS Office Setup On The System

While upgrading the Office setup, users sometimes forget to remove the previous setup from the system. While installing the Office setup, make sure you didn’t have any other Office setup on your device. Check for the previous setup on the system. If you have another Office setup on the system then you should immediately remove it. Uninstall the previous Office setup from the system and then install a new Office setup on your device. 

Check For The Free Disk Space

Low disk space can also get the user into an installation error. When your Office installation process is interrupting from time to time then check for the free disk space. If the disk space is low then you have to remove some files from the system. You can directly add SSD for increasing the disk space. If can’t then remove the unnecessary programs and files from the device. Remove large files like movies, gaming programs etc for increasing the space. After increasing the free space, restart your device and install MS Office setup.

While installing the setup, do not forget to check the internet speed. You will require a good internet connection for downloading the Office setup. Download Office on your device when the connection is smooth. If the connection is smooth but the Office is still showing an error then you should ask for technical help.