How to Stay Up-to-date on Trending Topics Around the World

What is the trend? This is really a question that is worth thinking about. With information boom everywhere, you may get access to various news without knowing whether it is true or fake. However, some may say we just need to follow the trend to know up-to-date information. Indeed, we don’t need to investigate the truth because we don’t even digest deeply when the information passes. Sometimes, we are just following the trends to network or to learn new things.

Today, you would discover that nine out of ten people on the street are holding their smartphones and checking whether there is something updated, which is referred to as the phenomenon of “phubbing”. With people’s increasing desire to check interesting and trending topics, many applications of delivering contents have consequently been created such as TikTok and Instagram. Below in this blog we are going to introduce more ways to stay up-to-date on trending topics around the world.

  1. Browse Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have been an essential part of people’s lives. Personal users use them to communicate with their friends, share entertaining contents, or follow superstars to know their recent state. Business users use them to advertise their brands and products and propagandize helpful contents. Therefore, social media platforms can bring fresh news to you every second.

However, one thing to note. Please review whether there is a checkmark beside the user’s name which is used to indicate that this account is verified. Different platforms may use different ways to verify. Just to keep in mind to be careful.

  1. Follow Celebrity Podcasts or Official Accounts

Celebrities are active in many podcasts. Many shows will invite celebrities to share their thoughts on different topics including current events and current brands. Some examples of these successful shows are “Anna Faris Is Unqualified”, “Armchair Expert”, and “Here’s the Thing”. You may check their updates on different time periods.

  1. Subscribe for YouTube Channels

Celebrities are also active in the famous video sharing platform, YouTube. They have their personal channels which are used to release interesting contents and disclose early the upcoming events. Celebrities will usually post promo photos to appeal their fans to follow their new TV series or varieties. In addition, YouTube also offers a Trending section to allow people grasp the latest and most popular videos for streaming directly.

Still, like what you need to pay attention to on the social media platforms, check whether there is a checkmark next to the account. If yes, this is a verified account.

However, there is one more question on YouTube: users sometimes can’t directly download and save the videos from YouTube for free. Here, you may want to know more about VideoHunter, one reliable and professional video downloader and converter. You can use VideoHunter to free download YouTube videos as various formats and qualities. Let’s see how to use VideoHunter to download YouTube videos.

Step 1. Please go to VideoHunter and download the software for your desktop of the right system.

Step 2. Next, please go to YouTube and find out the YouTube video that you would like to download. Please copy its URL from the searching bar. Subsequently, please open VideoHunter that has been installed on your desktop and select Downloader. On the page that you are directed to, please paste the URL to the analyzing bar.

Step 3. Before downloading, you will have the option to save the YouTube to one local place on the bottom right corner of the above picture. After you have decided, please click on Analyze. VideoHunter will ask you to select an outputted quality and format. When you finish, choose Download.

Then VideoHunter will start to analyze the URL and download the video. After it completes, you will find the downloaded YouTube video on your chosen place or in the Finished folder.

  1. Chat with Your Friends and Colleagues

The most effective and useful way of spreading is actually between people. You will have friends and colleagues with similar or different interests as you. They will browse diverse information or news every day from different sources. Therefore, they gradually become one of your reliable and continuous sources to get access to information. Additionally, they will have different ways of thinking which bring various insights to you. So, chat with your friends and colleagues now!

  1. Join in Communications on Forums

Strange people on forums are also useful sources of information that are currently up to date. After one event, they will share their opinions or insights of this event, which mostly are the truths. Furthermore, if you want to register for or take an exam, people on forums will share their experience on how to review and teach you how to solve the exam questions. Also, you will probably get previous interview questions to prepare for the same company. Forums are very good places to grasp the trending topics that most people are talking about.

Actually, there are so many ways to keep up-to-date on trending topics around the world. No one single problem can be solved. Also, you may have your own choice. If you would like to, we also welcome you to share with us. But for green hands, we recommend you the above methods and surf now!