Outdoor Plant Care Business
Outdoor Plant Care Business

If you are a plant lover and love to take care of tiny pretty outdoor plants and want to pursue your passion, then this is the most suitable business to go with. You will need a business spirit and green thumb to go for this business. It is not an easy-going one, but you will have to gather all the resources in one place and need to see where your plants need to go.

Keeping houses and offices looking welcoming will be your responsibility. Also, you would need to feed, trim, water, transplant and replace your plants. From bonsai plants to white lily to jade to tulsi to curtain creepers, most people like to decorate their backyard with plants. Even the government is taking specific steps to save trees as the air has been polluted enough. Therefore, you can expect your plant nursery business to be a hit one.

To start this business, you need to first see whether you will purchase land or would work on a rented one. You also need to think about whether you want to start fresh or buy this nursery business from someone else. For outdoors and nature lovers, you need to keep a wide variety of plants that express uniqueness, beauty and purifies the air. You also need to make sure that you study which plant grows at what time and which fertiliser would be best for them. 

However, there are many more points you need to consider before starting the outdoor plant business. If you are keen to start this business, then scroll down and understand what process you need to follow and how much expense would it take to create this plant business.

Nursery Business Equipment

Before starting this business, you would need to buy specific tools and equipment that will help you to make the nursery. You would need fertile land, sand and soil, raw material, tools, indoor-outdoor plants, seasonal plants, a suitable place, fertiliser and pesticides, green lattice and bats. You would also need to select plants according to the climate. The plants that grow anywhere and the plants that need to be raised at a specific temperature, you need to study that.

Scope for Nursery Business

More than theoretical, practical knowledge works. Plant business is not a small one; you can go for a great nursery that has plants and plant tools to sell. Even you can store fertiliser, pesticide, seeds etc., to see on a regular basis. Also, you can open a flower shop by cultivating seasonal flowers and can take big orders for a wedding or any other occasions. You can also go for seasonal fruits and sell them alongside.

License and Subsidy

To start a plant business, you would need a certificate from Municipal Corporation. You would have to register the company’s name, current account number, PAN and GST number, and then you will need the permission of the government to build the nursery. You could also get the subsidy under government schemes and fertiliser seeds at cheaper rates.

Cost and Profit

The business of plants can cost up to fifty thousand rupees to one lakh, and if you are willing to go on a bigger scale then, it might cost up to two lakh fifty thousand rupees. Also, you need to add water and electricity separately. This was just about plants, seeds, fertilisers, soil, rent, tools, pesticides etc. This a business of profit. In some instances, you might get less profit; still, it is a business where you might not have to bear any loss.

Price of Raw Material

Do not store the seeds for long because they may cause insects that might be dangerous for the plants. The price of seeds, fertiliser, soil, and pesticides keeps increasing and decreasing, so you cannot always estimate the same profit. 

Tools and Other Materials

If you buy tools like green mash, pot, and potting in bulk then, this may reduce the cost, and you may get more profit from it. When you take anything in more quantity, then the price of the particular good already reduces. So, it is better to buy all of them at once instead of spending more again and again.

Expression of Plants

You have full authority to decide about the price of the plant. You can add the original cost of the plant, then the cost incurred in taking care of them and the expenses incurred in growing them. Some plants need time, care, attention and everything, so decide to sell the plant at a reasonable price.

Business Clients

See who are your potential clients and try to impress them with the plants in your nursery. Like marriage gardens, hotels, colleges, office campuses, people who love gardening etc., can be the people who would buy plants from you. So, understand your leads and work on them. To grab more market, you need to do better market understanding.

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Marketing and Customer Attraction

You need to understand how your marketing should take place, how people will be attracted to your nursery and what discounts you can offer at which plant. Marketing may sound easy, but it is not that simple to do. You need a strong hold over social media, need to do some plant distribution in societies, some good work to make goodwill in the market.

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You can also display the plants and have an exhibition encouraging people to plant more trees in their backyard. Enlighten them about the benefits of plants and give offers on seasonal plants so that they consider buying them from your nursery.

With time new plants have made their place in the market, especially the indoor plants that attract customers more. You can have outdoor plants as well as some indoor plants which are famous in the current time in your nursery. We hope this piece of writing enlightens you about the business you are about to start. Start it and keep flourishing!


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