How to select the perfect White Paint Colors for Your Room?

Ever since I started to understand the beauty of colors and how important they are in our day-to-day life, I have been fascinated by them. Some of the best time I had in school was during arts and crafts classes when I got to play around with colors and try my hand at being creative! As I grew up, I started really obsessing over the color White, which always gave a very soothing vibe and whenever I was around that color it made me feel pleasant in many ways!

Naturally, when it came to buying my own house, one of the biggest discussion points amongst my family was choosing the right colors for our rooms. Before we approached the right painting services in Hyderabad, I wanted to ensure that my house had a lot of white paint in different shades that would complement the other colors and make me feel great when I come back home after a long day at work!

When I was thinking of choosing white paint for home, I realized that there are many factors that I needed to know before really finalizing them. Since I have already done a lot of research, I thought many more people like me would be helped if I had documented the learnings and made it easier for you, the reader, to decide which shades of white paint will suit the best for your home!


Types of White paint

Let us first understand the difference between the 3 main shades of white paint that you will end up selecting for your house!  There are 3 main shades but it will come down to whether you want a warm white wall or a cool shade on it! Let us look at the 3 shades of white:


Neutral White

This shade, as the name suggests is best when you want to eliminate the brightness that comes with the white paint. You can use a neutral white if the room is full of bright colors and you don’t particularly need a bright white to add to it. This is the most versatile shade and you’ll often hear it as being a ‘timeless color’.

Warm White

These sets of white paint shades are closest to the off-white color that is a favorite amongst people looking to incorporate a warmer palette. It is often said that the warmer the shade of walls is, the cozier the room feels. A nice creamy white paint for a home will be the most claiming vibe you can have for the room!

Cool White

One of the main reasons to choose white paint for the room is that you want to liven and brighten up the house! If that is your main aim then you’ll love the cool white wall in your house when you shade the light onto the darker areas of the home! A lot of times when people use a dark color to paint the dominant wall in the room, one can use these shades of white paint to counter them!


Factors to consider before choosing the perfect white paint colors for your room

Once you have decided which white paint shades will go best on different walls in your city, it would be better if you understand the other key factors that one should consider before choosing the best white paint color.


Existing Colors

The most important factor when selecting the perfect white paint for a room is the colors that are already planned for the other walls. If you have shiny and glossy colors then it’s better to complement then with a warmer shade of white such as an off white color for the wall. What other colors you should use depends on the light that is coming in, which is the next factor to consider.



Natural Light

How much natural light is entering your house and different rooms is a very big factor that one should consider before choosing white paint for a home. If you have lots of natural light entering a room then go for a color that will enhance the bright light! Remember, one can always choose a warmer white wall to support the darker tones and natural light!


Choosing Paint Sheen

Sheen is the final layer that results in why a particular white paint for a room appears brighter than the other white colors. There are mainly 5 types of sheers that a white pain can incorporate – Matt, Eggshells, Satin, Semi-gloss, and Gloss! Lesser the sheen, better the light absorption so when you’re deciding to use White paint for home, keep in mind that the paint used for outdoor walls should be different than the ones used for indoor walls!


Sample the Paint on Walls


Now that you have done all the research and know which shade of white paint to use on which wall, it is important to sample the paint to see it in practicality! This will help you see how the color will look on your walls at a different time of the day and get to live it before you really go ahead and paint the house!



Leave the Painting Job to the Experts


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