How to make dispensary operations easier with a dispensary pos system

With the growing acceptance of cannabis, both socially and legally, cannabis retailers are pressurized to work in a way, which adheres to all aspects of cannabis retail compliance. Right from inventory management, client management, adhering to the sales of marijuana products, along with tax remittance, a cannabis dispensary has to compulsorily operate within stringent guidelines. 

In such a scenario, streamlining day-to-day dispensary operations is the need of the hour. This demands a kind of cannabis retail technology that will not just ease the job, but also allow the dispensary owners to expand their current cannabis cannabis dispensary. Hence, to cater to the emerging and ever-changing market trends of the industry, a cannabis retail POS is important.

An efficient cannabis dispensary point-of-sale system will assist in the job of:

  • Managing inventory
  • Processing incoming cash flow
  • Help staff maximize sales
  • Improve customer experience with easy cannabis touch screen menus
  • Help with record keeping and
  • Tackle all cannabis compliance issues at every stage of the cannabis dispensary

A dispensary POS is a complete cannabis POS product, where one half of the job is handled by a software and the other half is catered by the hardware. From processing a sale to generating reports, your dispensary POS system is as much a part of your business as your storefront. Not to mention, it needs to integrate with CRM tools that focus on accounting and marketing.

Cloud-based or online dispensary POS systems are easily available and only requires an internet connection or logging in via the web browser. They usually provide standard hardware that will run easily on iPad or Android tablets. Talking about the hardware, POS hardware is a computing device that runs the software, usually a tablet or PC. It includes a barcode scanner that assists in adding products, therefore organizing and tracking inventory, a card reader which functions like a credit card terminal, accepting all kinds of major payment methods (EMV, debit, NFC/ contactless payments and gift cards), and a tablet stand to neatly position the dispensary POS on the checkout counter.