How to Make A Good Instagram Account with More Followers

Make A Good Instagram Account with More Followers


When it comes to the success of an Instagram account, your first reaction is its huge number of followers, right? People who use Instagram a lot understand this truth, the number of followers is very important for a good Instagram account, but how to get more followers is indeed a troublesome problem for most users. New Instagram users think about how to get the first 1000 followers, while old users think about how to get the next 10,000 followers.

However, whether you are a new user or an old user, the method to get more followers is the same. In this article some suggestions about how to make a good Instagram account with more followers will be introduced, just for reference.


Social Networks

If you are a new Instagram user and don’t have any personal connections on this platform, then the very beginning 1,000 followers may need to be acquired from other platforms that you are familiar with. As we all know, Instagram can be linked with Facebook and Twitter, and all the content you publish on Instagram can be synchronized to Facebook and Twitter too, so when your friends on Facebook and Twitter notice your content on Instagram, there is a high probability that they will follow your Instagram, then you will have the first batch of new followers.

However, it should be noted that the synchronization of Instagram content to Facebook and Twitter is not too frequent. After all, the social attributes of each platform are different.



When you check any Instagram post, you will find that there must be tag(s) in the description. Why Tagging is so important? This is related to the search mechanism of Instagram, just like Google search. When people care about a topic, they will search for the corresponding keywords on Instagram, which will generate different tags, and then according to the different number of clicks on the tags, there is the ranking of the tags. The more searchers, the higher the ranking of the tag, and the posts with this tag are more likely to be seen by people, then they will follow your account.

Of course, in order to increase the popularity of the post, many people will choose a lot of hot tags, but please note that it is best not to use more than 20 tags in one post. And the tags that are more relevant to your content are better. What’s more, if you are running a brand Instagram account, you must create a brand tag, and then use it in every post and every Instagram activity.


This part also has a certain relationship with Tagging. When the popularity of one tag is very high, the keyword of this tag become a current trend. At this time, if you publish the content of this trend, the attention of this post will naturally become higher, and it will attract a group of specific followers who are interested in this trend.

Of course, the popularity of a trend will inevitably continue for a period of time. At this time, all you need to do is to keep posting related content.


Be Active and Persistent

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you have to think of yourself as a professional content publisher, and stay active on your account, which means that you have to post at a certain frequency, it’s better to post every day at the beginning. 

And persistence is a good character. A good account requires continuous high-quality content, not only in the initial stage of the account, but also in the mature period of the account, because followers will put forward higher requirements for the quality of your account, otherwise you not only can’t attract new followers, but lose old followers easily.


Live on Instagram

The best element on Instagram is that you can transfer live videos on it. When you make live videos on Instagram, you are on the first line of your followers’ feed, then chances are high that your followers will get involved with your live videos. 

No matter what your live video is about, your life sharing, or product introduction, your follwers have the chance to see the real you, instead of you in every picture. Real face-to-face communication is always the most attractive and moving.


Instagram Stories 

Now is the era of short videos, short videos of 15-30 seconds are more and more popular, Instagram Stories just caters to this trend. You can share some interesting stories, life tips, and even coupons, because for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, you can add call-to-action links to Instagram Stories.

What’s more, Instagram Stories can be highlighted, and also classified in fixed categories, in this way, you can create a series of stories, and at the same time it allows these short videos to continuously have new views.


Good Content Quality

Whether it’s image content or video content, content of good quality is the king, since fans follow you, like you, and continue to support you because of your good content. This time two tools are recommended.


Canva – for image content

This tool is good to make image content, it’s very easy-to-use, very suitable for beginners, becasue it offers a variety of interesting photo templates to choose, so you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about creativity.


FilmoraGo – for video content

This tool has iOS and Android version, but if you are iPhone user, you must try the special feature – Double Take, with it you can have dual views from the front and rear cameras. What’s more, there is another special feature called AR Camera in FilmoraGo iOS version, you can have facial props and face beautification while shooting videos. Come and know more about FilmoraGo at the App Store.


The success of a good Instagram account is related to many factors, which may be luck, but more of persistence. You need to spend time to study the characteristics of each function of Instagram, you need to understand the preferences of followers, you need to learn more image and video editing skills to create better content, etc. Always remember that no matter what you do, true success is never achieved overnight. Hope everyone can have a good Instagram account after working hard, thanks for reading!