Carding in short is an illegal activity that includes sabotaging the details of a stolen credit card and then using it as your own, it is in no sense legal or even ethical, to begin with. Before you get on with the process such as how it is done it is better to understand a little something about it such as what it is and all that.

Carding is a form of credit card fraud and the process includes using the stolen credit cards to pay for the prepaid cards, well it is a practice to hide the tracks so no one would know. Typically the person who has the details of a stolen credit card would purchase specific store-oriented gift cards. These are not real credit cards but have some genuine balance in them so these cards in return could be sold for money or can be used for the sake of buying things and the people or thieves who are involved in such malicious activity are known as the carders.

The USA is more commonly a target for the carders because it is a country where the use of credit and debit card is immense. Another reason for such immense usage is due to the cards either having a magnetic stripe or having a chip and signature technology rather than having a chip and the personal identification number as it is a relevant technique in the European countries.

How does carding work?

Mostly the stolen credit cards are not present in the physical form with a carder as their CVV containing all the other information is sold on various sites in the form of the CVV dumps. This specific information is what becomes the onset of the carding process. The process starts when a cybercriminal has taken control of the store’s or online website’s credit card processing and when doing so these criminals get their hand on a list of credit and debit cards that have been recently used for the sake of making a purchase.

These hackers are able to do so by exploiting the certain vulnerabilities that exist within the security interface of the website thus being able to outsmart the web’s defense these get access to all sorts of financial information of the customers. Scanners might also be used to procure the coding from the magnetic strips of these cards which were recently used.

The rest of the process has been explained earlier where the carders use this authentic yet stolen credit card to buy other prepaid cards and then using them for their own purposes. By the time a customer can complain about the theft of their credit card and authorities could cancel that specific card the carder has often made a purchase. It is a complete network out there that engages in such criminal activities and the best thing that can be done to avoid it is to never share your CVV with anyone and only buying things from reputed websites or online stores.




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