How To Get Rid Of Sagging Skin Through Safe Aesthetic Procedures?


The beauty of an individual lies in their face (appearance-wise). With increasing age and a lack of skin care routines, the glow on your face can evidently become dull and be replaced with wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and more. The skin loses its elasticity over time which is a natural process. The decreased production of collagen and prolonged exposure to the sun are two of the major reasons behind sagging skin. If a person drastically loses a lot of weight, their facial skin is bound to lose its structure as well.


Sagging skin can affect your overall appearance and make you appear much older than you actually are. Women, starting from the age of 30, become particularly aware of this problem and turn to daily skin care routines that may help slow down the sagging process. They may also look for specialized treatments that are safe and worth their hard-earned money to regain tight and attractive facial skin. Luckily, aesthetic procedures come to the rescue in this regard. With the increasing popularity of cosmetic treatments, new advancements are being made everyday that are proven to be successful in achieving the desired facial skin appearance.

  • The Scarlet RF Treatment

The Scarlet RF treatment makes use of short-pulse radiofrequency that is delivered to the underlying structure of the skin with the help of microneedles. It is an alternative to the laser treatments carried out for facial skin rejuvenation. Facial skin contouring can help an individual achieve a dream structure of their face and manage skin troubles. The Scarlet RF is an advanced procedure to help prevent the signs of aging and  tighten sagging skin.

  • Procedure

An aesthetician makes use of a handheld device which consists of 25 microneedles to treat skin problems on a deeper level. The microneedles penetrate the skin at a very high rate and provide the underlying layers (subdermal tissue) with radiofrequency energy. It goes beyond the overlying surface of the skin and targets the root of the problem. As a result of this process, the production of collagen is increased and the blood flow is improved in the targeted area. The depth to be penetrated, the intensity of the radiofrequency, and the time of the procedure may vary depending on the severity of the sagging skin. All of these properties can be easily adjusted on the handheld Scarlet RF device as suggested by the specialist. This is an advanced cosmetic treatment that should be carried out by professionals to avoid any serious medical problems or damage to the skin.

  • Benefits
  • Increases Collagen Production: An increased production of collagen and improvement in elastin levels means that the skin is going to heal itself and its health is going to improve. This process evidently decreases sagging skin. It may also help reduce other signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration.
  • Tightens The Skin: The heat provided by the short-pulse radio frequency to the subdermal tissues makes them contract which results in a tight appearance of the skin. It also aids in reducing open pores. You can get rid of that double chin faster than you think.
  • Safe And  Painless: The Scarlet RF treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that does not cause any pain or side effects. It is a safe replacement of face lift surgeries. The penetration of microneedles is almost ignorable except for a tingling sensation and redness that goes away within a couple of hours.
  • Short Sessions: A session for the entire face usually only lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. It may take a couple of sessions before all the effects of the Scarlet RF treatment are visible.
  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) makes use of ultrasound energy that helps the skin regain its lost appearance and elasticity. It is a more recent aesthetic procedure that has proven to be beneficial for sagging skin and other skin-related problems as well. HIFU is a technologically advanced technique which takes away the pain, dangers, and after effects of face lift surgeries and other invasive treatments. You can now maintain the firmness of your facial skin through HIFU.

  • Procedure

An expert dermatologist or aesthetician uses a handheld ultrasound device to target the layers of your face skin below its visible surface. Similar to HIFU for your body, HIFU for face heats up the underlying tissue and consequently damages the cells to a useful extent. The body naturally produces more collagen to counter this damage and results in healing the skin for an enhanced appearance. A single session of this treatment may last for 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the level of treatment required by a specific individual. If any pain or discomfort is experienced during the procedure, the aesthetician may use a local anesthetic. Although it is a relatively faster alternative to cosmetic surgeries, two to three sessions may be required before results are visible and skin becomes evidently better.

  • Benefits
  • Skin Tightening: The heat of the ultrasound energy contracts the muscles and tissues under the skin surface. They become more firm and do not weigh down on the skin. This helps in tightening the loose skin and prevents it from sagging.
  • Smooth Skin: Once the skin gains a tight structure, the wrinkles and fine lines are reduced as well. The skin becomes more even, more toned, and the size of open pores are reduced. You can now have the smooth skin you have always longed for through HIFU for face.
  • Enhancing The Jawline And Cheeks: The sagging skin on the neck and the face is tightened which results in a sharper jawline and contoured cheeks. The elasticity of the facial skin and high production of collagen are the basic factors that result in this perfect appearance.
  • Painless: Although some people may experience minimal discomfort during the procedure, it is a non-invasive treatment method which does not cause pain. In case of stinging and minute irritability, an anesthetic may be applied to the area being treated. HIFU is definitely better than the intolerable pain of invasive surgeries of the face.
  • Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that help improve the appearance of sagging skin by uplifting it using thin, dermatological threads. Instead of invasive surgeries and removing the loose skin completely, it is ‘pulled’ in place to give a tightening effect. The tissues and muscles under the skin cause it to droop because the skin does not stay as elastic with age. Thread lift procedures involve the use of medical-grade threads that are used to strengthen the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

  • Procedure

A dermatologist first examines the condition of your face and devises the best way to treat the sagging skin. The placement of incisions and thread sutures is quite critical when it comes to uplifting the loose skin properly. Incisions are made on the appropriate parts of the face, such as, the forehead, along the hairline, or below the eyes. The thread is then inserted in these incisions and tied upwards to lift the drooping skin and align it with the underlying bone structure of an individual’s face. Thread facelifts are minimally invasive and a less costly replacement of surgical facelifts.

  • Benefits
  • Immediate Results: Since the procedure is quick itself, the results can be seen immediately. After a cosmetic surgery, it takes a few weeks for the surgical wounds to heal and the face to reflect the changes. However in the case of thread facelifts, the positive change in appearance is evident right after the treatment.
  • Reduced Recovery Time: Compared to cosmetic surgeries, the recovery time of thread facelifts is very little. While a surgery may require an individual to observe precautionary measures upto two to three months, a thread facelift only causes some swelling and redness which subsides in a couple of days.

Better Skin Appearance: The skin becomes tighter, smoother, and more even. The wrinkles and fine lines are greatly reduced and the jawline also becomes sharper. A thread facelift is a fine choice to attain better-looking facial skin and structure.