How to estimate franchise support

I have limited my search to three franchise for sale gold coast. All of them promise great cooperation. How do I get a better picture of what I get from all of them?

That’s the big question. One of the main benefits of being in a franchise system is that you don’t have to know everything yourself. With a little research, you’ll find a lot of information about levels of help. This information will help you choose the voting system that is right for you.

Before you begin, think about the word “support” for a few minutes and how it feels to you. Does this mean someone is holding your hand at the introductory stage, or does it mean someone will provide you with guides and checklists and let you go? Does this mean “in the market” are field support people who live in the market, or are you willing to accept less frequent visits from field staff traveling from headquarters? The better you understand what is important to you, the more likely you are to achieve it.

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Next, check UFOC for current unit status, closures, and conversions. Although not a direct indicator of the level and quality of support, it can at least serve as an early warning system. If a company has filed a lawsuit or closure, that’s a good indication that you want to go over everything carefully. Including help.

Next, review the list below to see which ones are most important to you. After you’ve reviewed the list, start talking with potential franchisees and current franchisees. The more people you can talk to, the better. Finally, find out in writing. Does the franchisor have a guide for your training? To train your employees ?? How often is it updated? Do people use it? If not, then why?

Finally, remember that no franchise system has it all. Young franchisees usually own several of these, which is why accessing their system is cheaper. A more mature franchisor usually owns more, which is why it is more expensive to enter their system. The list is:

Intellectual property protection

  • Trademarks and copyrights
  • The desire and ability to protect against intellectual property infringement
  • From real estate
  • Confirm potential site suitability
  • Preparation of construction documents
  • Indicators for preparing construction documents
  • Relationship with contractors
  • Lease negotiations
  • Construction supervision
  • Material discount
  • Checklist to help keep you on track
  • Purchase and distribution
  • Seller screening
  • Seller negotiations
  • Vendor management
  • You get the product
  • Leave it to you at an affordable price


A clear and smart marketing and advertising plan

Branded advertising and marketing content

Your ability to create custom content if needed – how much it costs and how long

Create a marketing plan for your business

A guide to help you get the most from your marketing dollar investment

Support the grand opening

Marketing training is scheduled regularly

Reduced prices for media and printing

Advertising cooperatives


Determine the standard way to run your business. Usually in manual form.

Training system

Initial Training in Franchisor Training – How Long? How good were you when you were done?

Ongoing training in progress – Does the franchisor have a pre-approved training site, whether owned by the franchise or company, where you can apply what you learn in your initial training?

Grand Opening Training – Has Anyone Coming To Help You Take The Final Step To Open Your Business? How long will they stay? How long have they worked with the company and what is their experience?

Labor affairs

Meet with field staff.

How often do you see someone?

What happened when they arrived?

Back office support team

Maximum profit

Budget and projections

Local, regional, national, and/or international workshops and conferences

Standard enforcement

To what extent do they define standards? Is that written? Talk regularly?

Is there a clear and objective system for measuring compliance with standards?

How often do you test compliance standards?

Once it became clear that the franchisor or seller was non-compliant, what action did the franchisor take, and how quickly did he act?

Do they leave room to innovate according to accepted guidelines?

Most importantly, remember this: This is your business, not the franchisor. Their support may give you all the advice and resources you need to be successful. Your support may be more direct. Every franchise owner who has a franchise partner will not be satisfied unless the franchisor does something for them. You have to find a balance between suggestions, tools, and get the job done.