How to drive more traffic to your Amazon Listing?

Discover the best online market place for online sellers. You will find on the top list. In 2018, Amazon was ranked as the largest company by market value, overtaking Microsoft’s hold onto the title.

No doubt, most retailers rely on Amazon for all their sales. That’s obvious! Amazon is a strong outlet for e-commerce sellers, with a large customer base of committed customers. Creating a thriving business on Amazon alone is absolutely possible. Amazon is growing bigger and bigger day by day, expanding its operations in the US, Canada, UK and abroad. So, it is obvious the sellers are thriving to get more traffic on their listed products.

There are two types of platforms to drive traffic:

      • ON – Platform:

It considers all the on-page(listing optimization, formatting, product description, photo editing, backend, keywords and so on) and off-page items(Amazon SEO, Amazon reviews, sponsored products.) are responsible for increasing your traffic.

      • OFF – Platform.

After optimizing the on-platform aspects, the next step to increase the traffic on your product listing is through off-platform.

In this blog, there are different ways to drive more external traffic to your Amazon listing. Here they are, in order of appearance:

Marketing Announcement:

You cannot think to launch your product without giving it a marketing announcement. However, you can go for the Amazon Affiliate Program. This program doesn’t just add revenue to the affiliate partner but seller too.

Affiliates have the power to influence consumers to purchase products through their marketing ties, allowing them to make money as well. The Amazon Affiliate Program is designed specifically, to operate in a similar way. Once the affiliate links are formed, they will directly send visitors to your product listing page, maximizing your sales and providing a small commission in exchange.

Promo code & Deal website:

Amazon promo code and vouchers are the best way to get traffic on your product listing. Send promo codes to your email list anytime you launch a product, to drive traffic to your latest Amazon page.

You can also use various online sites to sell the goods at a discounted price using promo codes to drive traffic straight to your Amazon listings. is one such website where you can promote your product.

Social Media Marketing

The entire world is on social media today. So, this platform becomes an important way to advertise your listings. There are various social sites for advertising.

  • Facebook ads: Facebook already have an established audience; it can do wonders. Marketing through Facebook ads or Facebook pages is a great way to generate a good audience for your listing. Just create a Facebook ad with fun characters, customize it according to your ease and you can see the magic.
  • Instagram ads: Instagram is the best media to popularize your product. Today’s audience will search you on Instagram before bumping to your amazon list. This is how the audience works.
  • Not many realize that most Amazon sellers minimize their PPC (Pay-Per-Click) expenses by spending more on Instagram advertising. This, too, overcomes any unwelcome rivalry
  • YouTube: About 1/3rd of the audience spend their time watching YouTube videos. And about 50% of the social media traffic on amazon is supposed to be coming through YouTube. By successfully advertising yourself on YouTube, you increase sales, lead in rankings, and higher revenues.

You can also socialize yourself through google ads, twitter, Pinterest etc. for marketing your products.

Get Bloggers:

The best idea to garnish your product is by putting it on blogs. By getting bloggers who can write about your product niche. It is a wonderful way to stay connected with your audience. It helps the audience to know more about you and your list items through various articles and blogs.


Internal platforms popularize to a limited area but external spread you at all levels. There are sellers who have a listing on Amazon still didn’t get traffic because they are reliant on ON-platform ways that doesn’t work at all. So, you have to go for the above external platforms to gain more crowd on your listings.