How to dress well in summer while spending little

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Due to the high temperatures, dressing well is more than a matter of style: it is a necessity to face the heat comfortably.

As it is the season of great promotions, the beginning of the year is also an invitation to renew the wardrobe! So, if you are thinking about what to buy to dress well and want to know more, check out the following tips:

Tips for dressing well in summer


Escape from tight models, especially pants. Opt for looser modelling, which allows a refreshing feeling to the body and prevents excessive sweating. Khaadi pret offers pants, blouses, skirts and wide dresses that look good on all body types, just look for what else has to do with you!


Airy fabrics like silk, crepe and cotton are great for lessening the feeling of warmth, as they also dry out more quickly. If you don’t know much about fabrics, decide which piece looks light by touch or even by a look. Check out the khaadi summer sale.

Optimal length

Although for many people summer is synonymous with short clothing, it is possible to wear dresses and long skirts with all the style without passing that heat. For this, the choice must be made based on the modelling and the fabric. As for the appearance, it is worth investing in a print + plain combination. A floral blouse with a vibrant coloured skirt (which is in the print) forms a perfect look!

Denim shorts

Another very interesting alternative to dress well in the summer is to go for khaadi lawn collection 2020. Super-hot, this piece can be used with crepe shirts in more formal environments. To go to a party or a bar, you can use it with tied shirts, showing a little piece of the belly or with a basic tank top and a maxi-necklace, which helps to make the look more cheerful

Overalls and little monkeys

Since 2024, overalls and monkeys have returned to the fashion of catwalks and streets, as well as being charming, they are also very versatile. The long overalls are perfect for work and for going to a special restaurant with the family. To complement this look and make it more elegant, bet on a maxi-necklace and a pair of high shoes!

On the other hand, monkeys became popular especially at casual events, such as parties, shopping malls and meetings between friends. It is that comfortable and fresh piece in which you show off all the style without realizing it. As the “beach and park” type does most, the little monkey looks good with sunglasses and, on the feet, flat shoes or an Anabella heel.

Long Dress

Regardless of the print, which is of personal taste, the long dress is a very democratic clothing to dress well, since it can be used by all physical types and age. For those who want to enhance the waist, the tip is to put a belt, even if it is thin, to mark this region and make it attract more attention. You buy new clothes from the khaadi sale at a very reasonable price.

Pants pantaloons

Wide and light, pantaloons have everything to do with this season. To use it in the best way, put a tank top inside, to mark the waist and become more elegant. Besides, it is also important to note if the pants are covering the shoe, as this is the ideal look – only the toes should appear, regardless of the shoes.


Increasingly popular, the scarf is the perfect alternative to tie the locks differently from the traditional elastics and, consequently, relieve the heat a little. Colourful and versatile, the scarves are accessories that refer to hippies and are the face of summer!

Promotions time

March is the ideal month to renovate the wardrobe, as most stores take advantage of the season to exchange stock, offering special discounts. As a result, be aware that the brand you like so much is selling off some pieces and prefer to buy the key pieces first. That is those clothes that you can use in various situations. That way, it is possible to save money that you could use on a look that you would hardly enjoy and make good purchases. pre

Discount coupon

Another way to save a little money to dress well is to purchase discount coupons, which help to make the purchase cheaper. These coupons work as follows: you get a code from a certain store and, when you finish your online purchase, enter it to get the discount. It’s an easy and practical way to save to buy more!

Search a lot

With a few clicks, you can go from one store to another without facing lines or the heat because on the internet there are several clothing stores. So, take the time to do your shopping calmly and economically. Do a lot of research, compare prices for the same piece and, if necessary, write everything down to see which option is more advantageous. Also, be careful with companies you don’t know or hear about to avoid scams.

Thrift stores

Is there a thrift store or used clothing store near you? So, take a look to see if any pieces that are your size look interesting. Generally, these are the perfect places to find clothes that are no longer sold in big stores and at a low price.

Exchange with friends

If you have friends with a body type similar to yours, it may be interesting that you exchange some pieces that you no longer use. That way, you can sell your blouse that they liked or even donate very cheaply. Everyone will be able to dress well without spending too much on the Eid dresses.

Now that you know how to be well dressed in the heat and without spending a lot, it’s time to look at what’s in the wardrobe to put together the best looks!