As we know businesses are now so advance. At the same point there are a lot of new challenges that we have to handle. If we are doing marketing of our product through digital marketing channels and we are targeting the whole world for our product. The biggest challenge we will face here is language barrier. For managing this issue we use Voice overs. This is the application that enables us to convert our written messages audible for our audience. We do not need to speak a specific language, all we need is to write our message in our mother tongue then convert in any language that we want to target then use the voice over app for making its audio.

Importance of Audio Message:

Another trending method of communication is Voice Mail. We sent an audio message through any medium it’s called Voice mail. We are using different social platforms like whatsapp and facebook. We send voice messages during regural conversation. This method of communication is really effective, because we can feel the sentiments of sender. This technology is so amazing in our business. Instead of sending written messages we can send a voice message through mobile. This way is effective because it’s very simple and save the time of listener.

Be Professional:

To do a professional voice over, there are some tricks to follow. Must know the accent of a specific country where you want to run your campaign. For an example if you want to sell a product in UK, then choose the accent that best match with UK. Same like the other countries. Secondly the voice over you are using should be near to human so a listener will get some attention, like he is communicating with a person. Must add some pauses in the voice like it should not be in the same rhythm, there should be break. This will also create an impact of real call. The best voiceover service is Google voice over and it’s the best. The best part of it is near to human. This service is free anyone can use it.

Video Message:

Above we discussed about the voice over for audio message and voice mails. Here we will discuss about the Voiceover for video. The best example here is YouTube. If you ever create a channel on YouTube you will understand it. Before uploading a video on YouTube or sharing it on the other social channels like Facebook, what Sapp Instagram or tiktok we change the voice of video. For YouTube we collect multiple pictures and form it in a video, and then we give a voiceover for explaining this video. Sometime we capture a video of a place, we edit that video and give our own voiceover for that video. Same method is being used in most of the Vlogs.

Not just for Vlogs but also for affiliate marketing people are using this. People write an article about a specific product then convert it into audio through Google voice over, and then use this audio in video as a voiceover.