How to cope up with issues like the iPhone getting stuck on apple logo and iPhone error 4013


iPhone stuck on apple logo and iPhone error 4013 are issues that most of the apple users experience while they possess an iPhone. They really get frustrated and irritated by these sorts of issues and are always in a state of anxiety and panic finding solutions to get through these problems. However, most of them don’t succeed and even experiment with different things which as a result make the issues like error 4013, more serious. So to help you out, we have listed the reasons for the problems like iPhone error 4013, iTunes error 4013 and iPhone getting stuck at apple logo, and have also provided the solutions to fix these issues. Read ahead, and we are sure you will get through these issues.

Reasons for iPhone getting stuck on apple logo:

There can be various reasons why an iPhone stuck on apple logo. IOS upgrade from old to new can be the no.1 reason for this issue, especially if the upgrade is done in an old phone. The second reason for an iPhone stuck on apple logo can be the jailbreak. Restoring from iTunes and restoring in general, with updates can also be the reason for the iPhone to stuck on apple logo. The most serious reason for this issue can be the hardware damage.

How to Fix this issue?

There are numerous ways through which we can fix the issue of the iPhone stuck on apple logo. The best way out is to use Dr.Fone-IOS system repair. It is easy to use and there is no risk associated with this software. There are a few steps that you may need to follow. First, you have to visit Dr.Fone website. There you can install the software on your computer. Next up, you will need to connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB. After that, you will have to select a system repair option on the dashboard which will then provide you with 2 options. One being standard and other being advanced mode. You have to go for standard mode.


Then, your idevice model information will get detected and you will have to download IOS Firmware. As soon as the download finishes, Dr. Fone will start repairing your iPhone.

There are other ways to fix the problem of the iPhone stuck on apple logo as well, such as force restart, restoring the phone in recovery mode, and getting the help of Apple support only if it’s a hardware issue. However, there is a risk of losing data with such methods.

Reasons for iphone error 4013 issue:


The main reason for error 4013 issues in iPhones and iTunes is the connection problems caused by damaged USB cable or USB port. This issue is connected with your IOS device and iTunes.


How to Fix this issue?


The most preferred way of fixing the iphone error 4013 and iTunes error 4013 issue is by taking the help of Dr.Fone IOS repair system software. Above, we have discussed this software in detail. All you have to do is install the software on your computer by going on their website. After that, connect your iPhone to computer and let the IOS repair system do its work. It will detect as to where the problem lies, and would automatically fix the problems. In just a matter of seconds, error 4013 issue would get resolved with the help of Dr. Fone IOS repair system software.


Other ways to fix the iphone error 4013 issue to check out your USB port and your connector. Moreover, you can also try to find problems in your computer that may have caused the error 4013 issue in your iphone.


Along with that, you can also restore all of your iPhone’s settings or go to the iTunes repair tools. Remember, this is not the preferred way of fixing the error 4013 issue as it may cause other serious problems like loss of data e.t.c. In fact, if you make use of other alternative ways such as factory reset, clearing up space, and entering the Device Firmware update model, you will still find any sort of risk attached. Therefore, it is advisable to only use Dr.Fone IOS repair system software to fix error 4013.