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The sudden transition from office to remote functioning has increased the requirement of a web based application. Technological advancements have been a blessing in executing remote functioning of organization during such unannounced crises. Several organizations have considered opting for cloud based applications such as HR software to ensure smooth function. Having said that it is essential for the organizations to opt such applications considering the requirements of the organization. For example, to choose the best HR software in Mumbai it is essential for the organization to make sure that the HR software is equipped with the features in accordance with the requirements of the employee.

Let’s delve a little deep and discuss elements that assists in choosing the best HR software in Mumbai:


Employee information

Human resource management team is responsible for storing data related to the employees’ personal information , medical information, bank details, etc. it is imperative to store these data on a secured platform. Breach in data can cause cyber crimes such as identity theft causing huge damage to the employee and the organization. HR software provides a centralized platform to store data with customary access to the administration to allow and restrict access to data in accordance with the requirement of the organization.


Performance and goal management

Organizations tend to reward employees on the basis of their performance. It becomes a tedious task to analyse performance of each employee recorded in huge files and spreadsheets. HR software manages data in an organised manner. It assists the HRs to scale the performance of the employee  in an unbiased manner. The administration can reward the employee with increment and promotion in an unbiased manner. This unbiased decision helps in building a transparent bridge between the employer and the employee. HR software provides a dashboard which assists the employee to keep a tab on his/her own performance and motivates the employee to invest more efforts to claim rewards offered by the organization for the benefits of the organization.  

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Time and attendance management

Attendance and clock in/out time  plays a role in management of the workforce. Maintaining a record of the number of employees on a spreadsheet leaves huge room for error. HR software allows the employee to manage his/her own attendance and login and out time. The integrated feature of the HR software transits the attendance data to the payroll software. This data assists in determining the salary of the employee which includes allowances of the overtime shift, reimbursements that need to be credited in the employees account at the end of each month.


Recruitment and application tracking process

Recruitment and application tracking is a toilsome task. Once a job vacancy is posted on an outsourcing platform, applications start to pour in. HR software assists in pre screening procedure. HR software filters the application in accordance with the requirements of the organization. It assists the HR to schedule interviews, and scale the candidate in accordance with the eligibility. With the pandemic it has been a challenging task to recruit employees. HR software assisted in scheduling virtual interviews with the candidates to scale one candidate suitable for the organization. 

Compensation and benefits administration

Organization and the state and federal government have implemented several laws to provide several benefits to the organization. Benefits such as ESIC, provident funds and medical insurance, rent and dearness allowance etc, includes several formalities and eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to claim these benefits. Payroll management ingrained in HR software provides an easy access to the employee to acknowledge the understanding of formalities involved in claiming these benefits. This assists the payroll team to provide these benefits to the employee with reference to the data available assuring that the employee is eligible for these benefits. . 

Self empowered employee

Maintaining employee records and uploading onboarding details comes with a huge room of error. HR software in mumbai empowers the employee to upload details and mark his/her attendance. This decreases the workload of the human resource team and leaves less room for error. This assists the candidates applying for available positions. It assists the candidates to register the required details and edit if required. The candidates can track their application as the software is able to update the status of their application. 


Many organizations tend to function by combining several softwares. It is essential to assure that the web based application is compatible with the functioning software to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. Integrated software transits the required data from an HR software to the payroll software to determine the amount that needs to be credited in an employee’s account. 

Technological advancements have been an advantage for many organizations. Web based applications are designed in a way that aims to function in accordance with the requirements of the organization. It allows the human resource team to plan and execute further steps for the betterment of the organization. On that account, organizations considering to opt for an HR software should consider these elements and the best HR software.


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