How to Change A Miter Saw Blade: The Easiest Way

Do you have a miter saw? Do you need to change the miter saw blade? But don’t you know? In this content, we tell you the easiest way to turn a miter saw blade.

The Miter saw is the most important every carpenter and DIYer. A miter saw can cut a lot of different things. The central part of a miter saw is the blade. You can’t think about a miter saw without a blade. It is impossible.

If you use a miter saw, you must have to clean and sometimes change the blade. Now we have started our topic on how to change a miter saw blade.

Why you should change your miter saw blade:

There may be many reasons to change a miter saw blade. But the main reasons are – for cutting especially, dull miter blade.

Need cutting especially:

If you want to cut any specific thing, you may change your blade that is appropriate for the particular items. Blades have different numbers of teeth like 40, 60, 80, or 100 teeth. You know, more teeth help to cut smoothly. You can change your miter saw blade if need more teeth blade.

Dull miter saw blade:

Miter saw blade can get dull because of more use. Another reason for dullness is to break down its tooth chain. If a saw blade becomes blunt, a saw machine’s motor has to apply more pressure for cutting. And for giving pressure, the machine motor can blast.  You should change your miter saw blade whether you want to save money.

Sometimes you think your miter saw blade is getting dull. But is it really dull? We cut basically different types of wood by a saw blade. When we cut wood, pitch gather on the blade. The miter saw blade conduct like dull in case we don’t clean properly. So, we should clean after every use.

How to change a miter saw blade:

Changing a miter saw blade is not difficult. It is so easy, and you need only some tools. You can do it at home. You only need a screwdriver, a wrench and 10-15 minutes. Here, gives the quick changing process below.

  1. Remove the blade guard because you may have to lose some screws.
  2. At first, remove the spindle cover and rotate the blade guard. Remove the front and back screw serially.
  3. Then press the spindle lock to lock completely. You can use a 10 mm wrench to lock the spindle in case it is not possible to lock completely.
  4. Locking the spindle, lose the bolt and washer by using a 10 mm wrench. And separate the blade from the miter saw.
  5. To set a new blade is the opposite direction to remove the blade. You have to remember that the bolts are turning towards the left side. Keep in mind all the instruction that gives on the new blade so that can set correctly.
  6. Set the blade in the miter saw and clasp the lock. Using 10 mm wrench, tight at the bolts and washer. Then replace the spindle cover and the blade guard serially.
  7. Make sure that your blade set tightly and correctly. Sometimes a new blade also can cause problems. Salvation from this, you should check the fence is appropriate to the blade, and the blade is suitable to the table.

Some important tips:

  • You can use goggles to protect your eyes from the spindle.
  • You also need to wear boots if the blade falls, so that your foot is secure.
  • Before replacing the blade of the miter saw, you should ensure that you disconnect the machine from the power supply.
  • Whereas the bolts turn left side, you must set it to the right side when you lose the bolts.
  • You have to read the instructions that are given with the new blade and follow them correctly.

The blade is an essential part of a blade. We have discussed how to change a miter saw blade completely. It will be our pleasure if you get to benefit from it. This easy process can apply and replace your blade smoothly.