How to Buy FIFA Coins?

Buying FIFA coins is the easiest way to acquire more virtual currency needed to build a formidable squad. If you plan to compete at the top level, especially in FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode, you need to have more gold rated players in your squad. Although FIFA allows you to earn coins when you compete in SBCs and complete weekly objectives, it is not only time-consuming but also overwhelming. On the other hand, buying FIFA coins provides an effortless way to get enough coins in your account. However, there are several aspects to review before you buy FIFA coins.

Why buy FIFA coins?

If you love to play console games, you will find FIFA coins an invaluable feature. Coins are the virtual currency used at the site. You can use them to purchase FIFA packs, which pull random players you can add to fortify your squad. FIFA coins are also essential when trading item cards. Technically, you need FIFA coins for all feature purchases. If you lack time to take part in SBCs, weekly objectives and regular matches, it won’t be easy to have sufficient coins in your account to facilitate a transfer. In this case, you can buy FIFA coins. Another scenario occurs when you want to close a deal on discounted packs, transfers, item cards, or coupons. You can purchase FIFA coins to bag the bargain before it expires and sell players later at a profit.

Where to buy FIFA coins

Buying FIFA coins isn’t a straightforward experience for many that have found themselves in trouble after funding their account with illegitimate coins. EA monitors all coin purchases and can potentially ban you do not follow the guidelines set for buying FIFA 20 coins. You could also face restrictions, removal of FUT coins from your account and any other rewards you have acquired. As such, it is important to find reliable sellers that can guarantee legal FIFA coins that won’t get you in trouble with EA. Players can buy FIFA coins from any EA approved seller. This provides a 99% guarantee of finding legal FIFA coins you can use without worrying about getting banned.

Important things to note

There are various other aspects to review other than EA approval, considering sellers have different competitive edges. Some of the essential things to note when comparing FIFA coin sellers include:

  1. a)     Secure transactions and trading platform

Sellers that offer FIFA 20 coins use various trading platforms to facilitate the coin transfer. It is essential to make sure all trading systems and payment methods are safe and secure. Trusted FIFA coin websites also use SSL certificates to protect their customers from unauthorized access to communication and financial details. Security is very critical when purchasing anything online and credible sellers have clear measures to safeguard users. If the site lacks adequate security measures or manifests all the typical characteristics of a scam, you should stay afar from such offers.

  1. b)     Attractive prices and discounts

FIFA 20 coins have a price range, meaning you can save more money on purchases if you spend some time comparing existing offers. Reputable sellers like offer legit FIFA coins at discounted prices and have various schemes to help you save more when buying coins. You can even get rewards for referring a friend, which is an easy way to earn some free FIFA coins and goodies. Nonetheless, attractive deals and discounts shouldn’t make you overlook other crucial areas, such as security and coin legitimacy.

  1. c)     Refund policy

When buying FIFA coins, you may end up with more than you need. For instance, you can buy coins to bag a FIFA pack deal and then trade the players you pull at a profit. In this case, having a seller that allows you to return the coins for a refund seems fantastic. Most sellers will refund you for a canceled order, while others allow a partial refund if you have already used some of the coins. Make sure you read the refund policy as some sellers buy the coins at a lower price or charge you a fee for the refund.

What are players saying?

If you are concerned about purchasing fake FIFA coins, you are among many players that know the value of their hard-earned money. It is recommendable to buy coins from long-serving sellers that have a traceable record. You can look up user reviews, testimonials, expert rating and overall rating in forums and other online review sites. The priority is to find trusted sellers that have consistently provided legit FIFA coins. Avoid any seller that has been accused of offering illegal coins that get players penalized by FIFA.


Buying FIFA coins is an effortless process that involves finding reliable sellers authorized by EA. It is important to read all EA guidelines to avoid being penalized for using the wrong FIFA coins. You can also find referrals from other players and the FIFA community. Make sure you compare all offers along with the aspects above to land trustworthy offers.