How To Advertise Your Small Business With A Low Budget

How To Advertise Your Small Business With A Low Budget

Expanding a small startup is usually the goal for every business owner. But not everyone has the funds to pour into extensive advertising. These few tips will help you how to budget in a smart way.  

Being an owner of a small business,  I was checking for deals on  WOW cable packages prices online last week so I could save up for advertising. But then I chanced upon these amazing marketing tips that I could use without having to hurt my bank balance. 

If you are a business owner with a very limited budget, these may be helpful for you too.

Develop Quality Content 

 You can’t have low quality content on your business website and expect productive advertising results. If you are good at it, there is nothing better than getting it done for free. You can also take help from the internet. Pick the top 10 blogs that appear in the search, and see their content. Create on similar lines. Nobody can understand your business better than you, and when you write about it, even small details won’t be missed. 

Use Free Advertising Feature of Google My Business

Google offers many features for advertising your small local business. For starters, you can make your business visible on Google Maps and in Google Search. It also gives you the option of seeding your Q/A section, which can make your key business features prominent, and attract customers. You can also collect Google reviews, which is an organic way of making your advertising more productive. You can post about your events, upcoming promotions, related news, and an introduction to your newly launched products. 

Just take care that your business profile is comprehensive, and optimized for local search. 

2. Local Listings: Create, Claim, and Verify

When it comes to small business advertising, the internet is your only reliable friend. Most of the time, people rely on internet searches to look for products and services. That is why, creating, claiming, and verifying local listings is an effective way to advertise your business. Hence getting your business enlisted on Google My Business is essential. You should also check out other business directories that are locally available. 

Invest in Promotions

One of the greatest ways to advertise your business is to introduce give-away promotions. That also helps keep your existing customers happy and loyal. Most people prefer to buy a product that is recommended by someone they know personally, so the referrals from your customers would work in your favor. 

Printed Advertising Material

You get a low price on business cards, brochures, and pamphlets, etc., when you get them printed in a bulk. Make a list of what quantity you would require. That way, you can also get them printed in advance. Ask your local coffee shops, bookshops, and grocery stores, etc., and see if they let you place your advertising brochures and pamphlets there. 

Local Newspaper Advertising

Local newspapers are way more effective when it comes to advertising small businesses. The ad posting prices are relatively lower too. This will also place you in the local printed business listing. You can also get informative material published related to your business services. That way, local people would have an idea who to reach out for when they require the services you are offering. 

Local Radio Contest 

You can arrange a fun contest through your local radio station. It is an effective way of advertising your small business, and would not even cost you much. You can choose to give a fun gift to the winner too. You can also get them to pre-announce the contest to create a stir about your business, which would bring lots of attention to your business. 

Organize an Event 

You can host an event locally and invite people. It can be of any format, and as it is your party, you can design it in any way you want. It can be a seminar, a charity event, a workshop, or just a simple sale. The purpose is to bring people inside your territory and have a chance of knowing your business and products. Use this chance wisely. Plan it well so that it could accommodate the maximum number of people. If possible, arrange it in the open air to give it a more welcoming look. 

Use Direct Mail

A huge number of people still check their mail so it is a great way of advertising your business. You can get access to the addresses by simply consulting the local directory, or by sending it to your neighboring areas first. Neighbors usually talk to each other about local businesses before they make a buying decision. When I subscribed to my contour TV online services, it was a neighbor who had told me about the deals. Word of mouth is an efficient way of promoting your business.