How Technology Can Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Whether you are a business owner looking to cut a few corners to save some precious cash, or an individual with a strict savings goal in mind, technology can come to your rescue. That’s because you can use modern apps and software suites to cut down on unnecessary travel, duplication of effort, and a lack of personal discipline. Here are some of the most ingenious ways that entrepreneurs and everyday private citizens are leveraging the power of technology to get things done, while saving money at the same time.

Use Smart Appliances in Your Home and Office

Inexpensive, easy to use items like smart plugs and programmable thermostats can significantly reduce your annual utility expense. Smart plugs let you turn off any appliance, light, computer, or other electronic device in your home via a simple smartphone app. That way, even when you’re not home, you can make sure you’re not wasting kilowatt power. Programmable thermostats are a bit more sophisticated but no less helpful. They are designed so you can minimize energy use by precisely setting upper and lower temperatures for home or office.

Don’t Drive If You Don’t Have To

So many common tasks can now be done online rather than in person. Whether it’s attending a business conference, taking a continuing education course, visiting a therapist, or ordering medication, the decade of the 2024’s is turning out to be the age of online interaction. For example, in states like Missouri, you can now apply for and order your medical marijuana (MMJ) card online. Obtaining this specialized medical card online saves you a long drive to a downtown state office and at least a couple of hours of your valuable time. For traditional pharmaceutical medications, the situation is even more convenient for consumers. Most major drug stores now offer online ordering, automated refills, and quick approval from your doctor’s office when a prescription needs to be renewed. All you need to do is choose between at-home delivery or picking the meds up at the store’s drive thru window. You can even pay ahead, also online, so the pickup process goes that much faster.

Save On Gym Membership Fees

Want to save several hundred dollars this year? Cut the fitness club membership and workout at home with an online trainer. You’ll be able to make daily appointments for guided workouts and it won’t cost you a fraction of what you currently spend on gym fees. Working out at home is one of the biggest trends of the decade as more people realize the power of video interaction. With so many apps that now allow for clear video and audio conferencing, former gym rats are becoming home-based workout enthusiasts.

Use Battery Chargers and Leak Detectors

Two inexpensive pieces of simple technology are now becoming commonplace in homes and offices: water-leak detectors and plug-in battery chargers. Leak detectors help you prevent wasted water bills by monitoring spillage from water heaters, washers, and under-sink pipes. The newer breed of battery chargers can bring old batteries back to live for a fraction of the cost of new ones.