8 Things that need to be dealt at every wedding


Whether it is about the wedding stage decoration or the catering service, a marriage function undergoes multiple steps and rules. 

Most importantly a wedding has to face at least five suddenly acquainted problems. But to discard the major troubles from the wedding day, one needs to look into the following matters very carefully and distinguish it as a matter of concern. 


  • Finding the right Wedding venue


Finding the right venue for a wedding plays a very important role. Weather plays a major factor. You should always fix the wedding date with the best season so that you and your decorators can plan the wedding smoothly. Other important factors to keep in mind are location,vibes,size of the venue keeping in mind the number of guests attending the ceremony.


  • Appointing a Decorator 


When it comes to decorations, a wedding planner must include a professional decorator. A decorator has all the necessary skills, knowledge and suggestions to pick the right colour themes,stuff and decorations which will help to recreate your dream wedding into the exact style you want to.


  • Choosing the stage decoration theme


Yes, every Wedding stage decoration that you see has undergone a Terrific process of deciding a wedding theme for it. 

Everything in order and enhancing all the patterns and programs of a wedding depends upon the stage decoration honestly. So, maintaining that has to be really precise and careful. 


  • Hiring catering service


Food is an integral part in any wedding. A wedding can only be considered a success if the food tastes good. So a wedding planner must choose a venue that has fine catering service and cuisines that can guide the guests whenever needed.


  • Appointing professional artists


 The most important thing on your wedding planning checklist is booking an artist like a photographer and videographer to capture the most precious moments on your D-day.also don’t forget to book  mehandi artist as we all love mehandi.


  • Management of Wedding theme


Yes, the stage decoration or the wedding venue needs to be fixed with a particular Wedding theme. The reason behind this is quite simple. 

Same goes for the catering or styling or the bride and groom ot the colour code of all the wedding guests. Every process has been through a selection territory before getting on on the big day. 


  • Dealing with transportation


If you have a car or two,  then no worries at all. But if you don’t then look into this matter gravely. Book at least two cars and one bus for favorable events. Transport is the most important thing, required at a wedding function.


  • Making a proper time slot


Punctuality is the key to success, but what truly maintains a wedding is proper timing. Whether it is about the wedding Stage decoration or catering, everything needs to be fixed at a particular timing. 

Fixed time for makeup artist, mehendi artist or stage decoration artist. Everything needs to be fixed at a punctual time. 

That was all that one needs to know about wedding venues,  stage decoration or catering service.