How Much Technology Should Kids Use?


There are a number of technological advancements that have taken place in this recent time. Almost all the digital innovations are meant to provide a soothing experience to the people who are indulging with their lifestyle however; people are getting more attached to the digital devices. These are now becoming the outstanding medium of the people to get attached to be. Technology is known as the perfect sources of learning and getting entertainment at the same time. However, maximum addiction to technology may create chaos. This is the main reason for which people around the world are now trying to escape from this kind of maximum technical exposure.

Kids are worst affected by the maximum exposure to the technology. They become addicted to the latest devices by which they are getting distance from society and it affects a lot of their life and future. It would be great to come with the right thing that would meet the current scenario and makes someone more developed with the help of the advice of experts. Screen time is playing a crucial role in limiting the kid’s technical exposure.

Advantages to Get from Screen Time

There are a number of benefits to getting from setting screen time for the kids. However, there are a number of benefits someone can find from technological exposure. According to many, it would accelerate the imagining and speaking power of the kids compared to the children who are not exposed to technology. However, there are a number of disadvantages to grab from maximum exposure.

Why should Parents Go for Limiting Screen Time?

There are a number of reasons to find limiting screen time. Some of them are given below.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is necessary for everyone. Without social interaction, it is very hard to come up with a perfect resolve to understand the social impacts on our lives. When a person uses different types of technology like computers, TV programs, and video games, he is getting involved with these gadgets only. However, getting quality time for families and society is quite difficult. In this way, the sensibility and the sense of social responsibility get reduced. This is the main reason for which it would be best to reduce technological exposure more to the kids and family members. However, it would be the best experience to watch a favorite movie with your family and friends but it is not always good to get addicted to these kinds of stuff.

Perfect Sleep

Kids who have maximum technical exposure, they have less sleep compared to others. They always get busy with their homework and post-school activities. On the weekends, they do get extracurricular activities along with sports. This busy routine impacts heavily on their sleep and they get mentally obscured. This is the main reason for which it would be best to come with a perfect perfection that would make a great way forward to come with the right kind of technical and physical benefits. Maximum exposure to technology will surely add some stress on their way and it always comes with a perfect addition to different types of health issues.

Social Awareness

Maximum exposure to technology lessens the sense of social awareness among kids. They aren’t aware of what to do and what not. In this way, their future gets doodled which is not a perfect sign for the future. According to a study, kids who go for several days of any kind of screen time, they are doing well in their studies and doing perfectly to the human emotion compared to the kids that regularly interact with the technology. This will surely make a great way forward for the people who are making direct interactive approaches. Those will always make a great thing as always and it will contribute hugely in order to get all these things around.


According to experts, too much exposure to technology will reduce the attention of the present for the kids. They will simply develop non-attention activities. Video games are known as the prime factor for why these kids have an absent mind.

Tips for the Parents to Lessen Technical Exposure for the Kids

  • Set Limit and Encourage Playtime

Media should be treated as other activities. It is not all. Make sure that your kids are not taking media so seriously compared to others. As a parent, you should encourage the kids to play outside and make unplugged playtime a daily priority. It is important for young children.

  • Become a Good Role Model

Tech and build kindness along with good manners online, it would be great to come with several personality reforms. Reform should start from yourself. Children are known as great mimics and if you as a parent will lessen using media time, it will, in fact, impact on their own. Share time with your children and engage with them. The advice you are giving them, you should follow them first. Educate them about the importance of social interaction. They will easily learn and be able to follow the teachings.

  • Value of Face-to-Face Communication

Almost all the young children learn perfectly by two-way communication. In this way, they do develop the language sense and the conversation starts. On the other hand, when they are getting maximum exposure to technology, their interaction with others gets halted as a result; they will find it very difficult to adjust to society later. In this way, their personality doesn’t make them perfect in the future. They can also go for a bark app which is very effective to lessen the screening time. In this way, the kids will be detached from technology.

  • Technology shouldn’t be Used as an Emotional Pacifier

Media always plays a crucial role to keep the kids calm and quiet. It shouldn’t be taken as a way to calm down. Children need to be properly taught how to handle emotions and other human behavior effectively. Therefore, human interactions are important to develop this quality. Make sure that, as parents, you are making all these emotions appropriately.