The 21st-century demands for a web existence, accompanying with any category of business or industry. In less than a decade, websites have evolved from being the tool of media companies, video game suppliers, and electronic suppliers to being a selling place for any particular service.

The trend is only going stronger, with the advent of smartphones, on-board computers, and tablet devices. Websites come in a variety of appearances, related to the kind of business, with budgets solely determined by web design services.

The very first query which cracks in a vendor’s thoughts about the website is concerning the cost of a site. Though, the fact lies entirely on the goals and budget kept for a website.

Let’s have a look in what features account for the cost of a website in details.


The price tag of a website depends upon the customization and complexity of features. However, it is also determined by the preference of a web builder or hiring a web design service agency.

The factors which should be kept in consideration when putting up a website are acknowledged below:

1.Domain Name

The term domain, denoted as the virtual street address of a business, which appears on Google or any other search engine. It connects you with services or products.

The domain is the first and primary detail for a website, which charges nearby $ 0.95-$15. Registering a domain is inexpensive, until and unless it is not a customized domain. For a custom domain, a web design service agency asks for premium rates, costing around $200-$300 per year.

As soon as your domain name gets registered, you attain all the lawful rights related to your site. You only required renewing it from the same domain registrar, but if you desire to change in that case, you can let it expire so another person can buy it.

2. Website Builder

Whether you classified into a fresh builder or a seasoned builder, a requirement of a website builder is always present. Regardless of your skill, a website builder crafts a site that is easy to retrieve. Moreover, it adds significant features related to boosting your traffic, for example, SEO tags, plugins exclusive of any agitation.

The shared option related to building a website is to use WordPress that is free software, so any upfront cost will not be required.

The cost of WordPress can also alter; you can get away by using free themes and plugins. For premium themes, you have to pay $100  although, the premium plugins range from $10-$50. It all depends on your desire.

The rough estimate of a professional web design service ranges from $1000-$7500 for a small business.

3. Website Hosting

Website hosting is the home of your website. All the files, media storage, and content are stored here. When visitors access your website through the domain, they are directed towards the website files stored on the website hosting server.

Different types of website hosting names are available, for example, VPS hosting, cheap hosting, WordPress hosting, blog hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. For a novice, WordPress hosting is suggested, because it the ideal choice in terms of affordability and services.

The prices related to website hosting varies from $24-$24,000 per year. For a small business, the prices are relatively low, which lies in the cost range of $24-$120 per year.

For a small business, shared hosting is mentioned, which means your industry will share a server with others. It comes up with limited sources but works for it.

4. SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate looks after the data of a website and visitor, the most significant factor related to security. It serves as a trust signal, which gives confidence to users to fill up their contact information.

A few websites are given these certificates for free. A website hosting company also includes it with your subscription. But then again it can be determined by the requirements of a site.

One may have to opt for an SSL certificate that cost around nearly up to $1500 per year, to safeguard the site from hackers.

5. Web Designing

Designing your website is one of those factors, which varies widely. It depends on the owner of a business, whether he decides on the basic design or a custom theme layout.

Furthermore, it also subjected to multiple designs and templates for different pages, for instance, homepage, product or service page and, contact page.

Agreeing with the reasons stated above, the price range for web designing fluctuates from $2000 to $15, 000. For a small business, it will not reach more than $ 15, 000.

6. Web Pages

The number of webpages varies according to the type of business. For instance, an e-commerce site requires up to 100 pages and a site related to service provider require less than 10 pages.

The small business sites require 1-50 webpages, which cost relatively around $1000 to $5000. In general, web design service agency charges according to tiers.

7. Website Functionality

The website functionality incorporates a range of features, including a function of accepting online payments. This function serves as a unique selling point and helps in earning valuable customers.

The features fluctuate in the price range of $ 2000-$25,000.


The cost of the website significantly varies, depending on the type of business to owner’s desire related to different areas. Therefore, an exact value cannot be stated on the above grounds.

It also depends on your hiring and customization, thus placing influence on your pocket. For a business owner, one has to plan accordingly because there is no clear cut price.

On the whole, it is solely upon the website owner. Whether you have a high or low budget, you will always be able to find the right combination of tools, assisting in launching a dream of your own.


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