How Lockdown Made Me Self-Sufficient

It’s no secret the lockdown imposed in many countries to combat the global pandemic disturbed everyone’s life. The wave of COVID-19 jolted our lives and, for some people, it changed drastically. Due to the fear of death, caused by the virus, most people were confined to their residences.

Anxiety had gotten the better out of me during the initial phase of the lockdown. However, in the later stages, I got control over my situation and realized that this situation has taught me a couple of things as well. Here, I am sharing what I learned during the lockdown with you:

The Importance of Being Self Sufficient

One of the major things I learned during the lockdown was that everyone needs to be self-sufficient. As I live with my flatmates (my family lives in another city), I was alone during the initial phase of the lockdown. Because they had gone to their native places before the lockdown started. Probably this is why I suffered from anxiety issues.

Anyways, since I was alone, I had to manage everything on my own. From cooking to cleaning, I was responsible for everything. Also, meeting my friends who live in the same city as I was out of the question as we had decided to respect the restrictions imposed by the government. However, I was in touch with them all the time. This helped me to stay calm. Having said that, the experience of staying alone surely taught me a lot of lessons. One should always stay prepared for such situations as nobody knows what life has in store for us.

You Can’t Do Anything If You Aren’t Fit

Of course, I missed going out with my friends and meeting my family during the lockdown. However, there’s another thing that I greatly missed during this phase was my gym. Being a fitness enthusiast, it was hard for me to not visit the gym – a place which I visit almost every day. However, to keep myself occupied, I started working out at home. Luckily, I had some gym equipment at home. Also, my supply of fat burners was with me that I had ordered from UGFreak.

Having my gym supplies greatly helped me work on my body and improve my fitness, which, in turn, helped me to cope up with the whole situation. It was then I realized how important fitness is for us. I couldn’t help but notice how my life would be I wasn’t into fitness.

Working on my fitness, way before COVID-19 surfaced, helped me in many ways. I gained confidence and became physically strong. Also, my immune system and endurance level improved. Most of all, it helped to shape my personality. I became a better version of myself. This clearly helped me to survive the lockdown phase.

Healthy Diet is Everything

With no major know-how of cooking, food delivery options were my only resort when the lockdown started. I was ordering fast food every day twice. This was not having a negative impact on my health but it disturbed my budget a great deal as well. No sooner did I realized that I need to take matters into my own hands now (literally). Thus, I started my little experiments in the kitchen. I made a point to use food products that are healthy, have high nutritional value and, of course, taste good. My mother acted as a virtual cook who helped me through my cooking experiments. Later on, I started trying recipes I found on YouTube. And now, despite the lockdown being lifted, I rely on home-cooked food, which is most of the time cooked by myself only. It saves money and I get to eat healthy food. It’s a win-win situation from every aspect.

In a nutshell, I learned that life has no guarantee card. I have seemingly healthy people losing their lives due to COVID-19. Trust me, it wasn’t easy but that’s how life is – uncertain. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to keep yourself safe. I would recommend everyone to follow every restriction and SOP as directed by the government to save yourself and your family members safe.