How Jackson Yew made an impact on the marketing industry.

“Our brains are naturally hardwired to process visual information 60,000x better and faster than text”. That quote is a fact from Jackson Yew’s marketing agency’s website, it is a fact that he has used to his advantage for many years. Jackson’s agency specializes in attractive landing pages that are created to look amazing but also to increase sales as much as possible. Unfortunately, things were not always like this for Jackson.

He began his journey ten years ago when he would create and sell attractive websites to customers throughout the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and other surrounding countries. When Jackson started out he was not focused on marketing features that would maximize sales he was only focused on the website looking pretty. After a while of conducting business this way he realized that unless he focuses on generating sales for his customers, they won’t be able to come back to him for more business. It was at this time that he stepped back and started implementing the psychological side of marketing into his websites so that visitors would be both attracted to the site and compelled to purchase the product or service being advertised. 

Ten years later, Jackson is the Co-founder of the marketing firm, Funnel Duo Media. This agency specializes in designing landing platforms for high profile clients. They work with an array of clients from personal coaches to dentists, as long as you have a product or service they can help you increase your business drastically. Jackson and his team know that every pretty slide and feature on a website is crucial to whether or not someone goes through with the sale or if they leave the website so they carefully place every part of the website in order to maximize sales. The ten years that Jackson has been going through trial and error has earned him the necessary skills to make an impact on the marketing industry.

This is not your typical freelance web designer, he uses all of his expertise to create something truly special. At first glance, his websites just look like pretty sites with lots of interactions but you would never know that each interaction is subconsciously selling the product or sale on the front of the page. Jackson also has his own digital products that he has been able to successfully market so that they essentially sell themselves. He really sits down with every client to create a fresh sits that revolves around design AND marketing.