How important is business email? Why create?

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Is your business growing little by little and do you still use personal email to communicate with customers and suppliers? This can become a major problem over time. Having a business email helps you to transmit information credibility and ensure the company’s security.

Do you want to know why you should adopt this strategy to get the best email hosting services as soon as possible? Follow the post!

Importance of business email

Having an email with the name of the company is essential for any business, be it small, medium or large. The personalized address gives credibility to customers and suppliers and allows the insertion of a professional signature.

The corporate email is the one in which the company name appears at the address: [email protected] you can see, he passes on more professionalism and seriousness than a personal address like [email protected]

This can even influence the opening rate of emails and facilitate access control within the company

Reasons to create an email for the company

In addition to imparting more credibility, the email address with the company name can offer some benefits to the business. Look:


The use of business email by cheap email hosting allows you to track data entering and leaving the business. Many solutions on the market have daily backup systems to protect data, as well as cloud management to increase storage capacity.

Also, corporate email can use encryption to make it more difficult for malicious users to access information. This infrastructure also allows the blocking of suspicious emails that could infect the company’s machines and systems with viruses.


Using a personal account to connect with customers conveys an idea of ​​amateurism. Business email helps you and your employees to properly separate personal life from work.

Consequently, the company obtains a better performance and commitment from the team concerning the content written and sent to customers. Besides, you can use the professional channel to develop marketing strategies to attract potential consumers.


The corporate email service makes it possible to implement tools to control the flow of information. Thus, the manager can identify the misuse of the resource and possible security breaches.

This data management also facilitates the control of the viability of message histories and the identification if any employee is “leaking” confidential company information.


Vendors of email solutions for companies are always researching new technologies and platforms to offer the best service to customers. One of these advantages, for example, is the scalable architecture that allows the expansion of storage capacity as the business grows.

In addition to this, the business email gives more mobility to the manager and his team, since it can be accessed by mobile equipment. All this without losing its ability to guarantee information security.

Choosing the right business email

It is important to find out if the service provider offers customer support and what level of service is available. This is a great differentiator because you never know when you will need help to solve a question or problem.

Besides, it is important to evaluate the storage capacity for emails and also the number of accounts that can be created. Some companies offer different models to serve customers of all sizes.

Also review the security offered for emails, such as backup and antivirus features. They also have by default SSL/TLS certification in their best dedicated server hosting UK Thus, you can make a choice that will bring more tranquillity and efficiency to the work of the entire team.

So, you can see the importance of using business email. This is a tool that can greatly help your business to grow.

Why is the email not delivered to the customer?

E-mail is an important tool for contacting a company’s customers, suppliers, and employees. When the e-mail does not reach the recipient, this can cause problems for the company, in their colocation UK also known as server colocation, such as communication failures, disagreements, and loss of contracts.

But, what are the causes of this problem? Get to know the main ones below!

Why email doesn’t reach the customer

Many factors can hinder the delivery of the email to the recipient, but the main ones are:


A very common mistake that prevents receiving an email is the exchange of letters when typing the email address. It is important to remember not to use accents or cedillas when writing the recipient’s contact.

These details are largely responsible for an email that does not reach the client, because when the address is typed incorrectly the server tries to send it, but is unable to deliver. Generally, the sender receives an automatic email with the indication of the failure.


Many recipients use e-mails from private servers that do not provide a large amount of storage space. Thus, when the e-mail arrives, the server accuses that the box is full and returns a message to the sender informing the problem. This situation can only be resolved by the owner of the email address.


Typically, email servers send warnings in English to users and with some codes that people don’t understand. In other situations, the automatic message arrives at the sender as SPAM.

Therefore, the customer may claim that the e-mail did not arrive, explaining the reason for not responding to a message.


The SPAM is a message sent to many recipients who did not request that information. It is often used to forward advertisements about a product or service. In other cases, the message contains offensive content and malicious virus links

Some email providers have filters to prevent the user from opening a message with SPAM, preventing it from appearing in the inbox. The SMTP protocol makes a connection between the user and the destination server and when he is unable to authenticate the recipient, the email is recognized as SPAM.

To prevent this problem from occurring, it is necessary to pay attention to the format of the email message. Content that uses only a JPG image runs the risk of not reaching the recipient. Therefore, the idea is to use up to 50% of the image and 50% of the text.

It is more recommended to use an HTML editor to separate the contents of the images. This is a way to prevent the e-mail from reaching the customer. It is also essential to avoid terms that are automatically characterized as spam such as “discount”, “promotion”, “free”

Anyway, now you know why the email doesn’t reach the customer. Take care of the way messages are sent, choose the subject and follow the messages sent by the server.