How Danny Mowlds is Changing the Cannapreneur Game in Spain with The Cali Cave

The Cali Cave is a fast-growing brand based around cannabis social clubs. Run by cannapreneur Danny Mowlds, it’s attracted the patronage of various VIP smokers and expanded into clothing and music, and The Cali Cave is quickly becoming one of the most powerful enterprises in its field.

Premium Californian Strains

One reason why The Cali Cave has outshined many of its competitors is that it offers some of the world’s most sought-after strains, including products you won’t even find in locations such as Amsterdam. The clubs are located in Spain and have won glowing reviews for their outstanding hospitality, wide range of quality facilities and intoxicating atmospheres.

California and Weed

California is regarded as one of the finest sources for cannabis for several reasons. The state was the first to legalise medical marijuana back in 1996 and has become synonymous with the product and the culture that surrounds it over the decades. The Cali Caves are now open in Orihuela, La Fuente and Benidorm and are run by Danny Mowlds, who has built his enterprise at incredible speed.

Welcoming Hip-Hop Royalty

More and more holidaymakers are heading to Spain to sample its cannabis culture. The country has seen a wealth of cannabis social clubs open their doors over recent years, and The Cali Cave itself can count hip-hop stars including INK, Charlie Sloth, Icy Narco and Meekz Manny amongst its clientele. Offering high-quality strains from UK and Spanish growers as well as Californian sources, it has played a pivotal role in helping Spain cement its status as the ‘new Amsterdam’. The Cali Cave has been visited by some of the world’s most enthusiastic strain hunters, with more and more getting to touch to secure their membership.

A Wealth Of Products

Cannabis social clubs are designed to help smokers connect in friendly, welcoming environments with great décor, first-class hospitality and luxury facilities. At the Cali Cave, the strain menu is updated regularly, and there can be up to 50 different strains available at any one time. The Cali Cave facilities include Netflix, Xboxes and pool tables, with live performances also taking place regularly.

Changing Legislation

Although the idea of a cannabis club being legally allowed to operate may have seemed peculiar in the past, relaxed regulations have brought them to reality. There are now more than 800 cannabis members clubs in Spain, with more and more smokers cancelling their trips to Amsterdam to sample what venues like The Cali Cave have to offer. Spanish Right to Privacy laws allow residents of and visitors to Spain to partake in a greater number of activities as long as they occur behind closed doors. The Rights to Associations have enabled smokers from all walks of life to enjoy their hobby in the company of others. It’s commonly said that the emergence of cannabis clubs has helped to weaken and remove the stigma often attached to use of the drug. Back in the UK, a cannabis club in Middlesbrough has the support of the police and allows smokers to use the substance in a “safe and controlled space”. Some members are as old as 75.

Joining The Cali Cave

Smokers that want to join clubs like The Cali Cave must get in touch with the staff in charge of the club. They can contact them through the website or via social media. The club isn’t exclusive to Spanish residents and has welcomed guests from a host of countries worldwide. The ambience of these clubs has led to them being compared to nightclubs, albeit with more laidback vibes. The Cali Cave continues to win enthusiastic reviews online thanks to its hospitality standards, facilities and the huge selection of strains.

Smokers No Longer Criminalised

The tide has been turning with regards to cannabis use for a long time. It’s said that changing regulations have led to improved standards and have helped authorities clamp down on criminal activity. In many countries, it’s no longer illegal to carry small amounts of cannabis for personal use, and the demand for medicinal cannabis has caused many governments to change their laws.

The Cali Cave Record Label

A track dedicated to The Cali Cave and released by its in-house label now has more than 77,000 YouTube views. The video for Jun Tzu’s The Cali Cave was released on the highly influential GRM Daily channel, with the track winning the support of Cali Cave visitor Charlie Sloth. Jun Tzu is an Irish rapper whose lyrics frequently deal with political themes. Tzu began writing poetry at the age of nine and relocated to Manchester in his youth, where he spent much of his free time in the library. Jun Tzu translates as ‘role model’ in Chinese.

Why Smokers Demand Legalisation

Countries that have relaxed their cannabis laws over recent years include Uruguay, Canada, Jamaica, Portugal, South Africa and Brazil as well as Spain. Smokers cite a whole host of reasons for the legalisation of cannabis including its safety in comparison to alcohol, the fact that crime has dropped in places that have legalised the substance, its ability to kill cancer cells and its economic potential. Former US President Barack Obama has called for the legalisation of weed on several occasions.

Luxury Smoking Facilities

It seems the popularity of cannabis is showing no signs of heading into decline anytime soon. With the increasing demand for welcoming, well-facilitated environments where smokers can unwind and bond in luxury, The Cali Cave’s profile seems to set to grow and grow over the coming years.