In FIFA 20, coins are a kind of virtual currency that can be used to buy gift packages in stores and trade FUT items in the transfer market. Different game modes can be enable with FUT coins  such as FUT Draft mode.

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The most important thing is that Users can choose the following safe transfer methods : Comfort Trade 3.0 and Player Auction P2P, Player Auction 3.0,  with 99% security guarantee.

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Of course, There are many other websites that provide FIFA coin but there is always the risk of second-hand coins . So being careful is wise. FIFA 20 games are a way to make an earning, but no one really has the time to play 40 games in a row for three days in the FUT Champions Weekend League, or to participate in full squad battles that are held every week. It is expensive to buy FIFA points with real money, and there is no guarantee that random rewards will be obtained from the store, so it is not guaranteed to bring Users a generous return.

The most reliable way then would be to trade in the market to earn some cash , which means buying players at a lower price than their market value and then selling them during peak hours. This may sound time-consuming, but Users can try many different ways to maximize Users income.

Users can get FUT coins in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) through competitions or selling items on the transfer market, but Users cannot buy coins. Buying coins from third parties, promoting coin purchases and coin issuances violates our rules

FIFA is an opportunity for players to experience a whole new world of football that not just serves as a reliable pass time but also makes it worth while. You can make it a consistent source of earning and if a proper strategy is applied you will get sufficient returns.  you will have a new found dedication to earning FIFA coins that can not just elevate your level in the game but give you some real-life returns.