High Resistivity Silicon Wafers Market 2022: Size In Terms Of Volume And Value

Negative ramifications of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic have affected business activities in the high resistivity silicon wafers market. As such, manufacturers are catering to mission-critical projects in the healthcare and telecommunications applications to fuel market growth. China being the manufacturing hub for consumer electronics, has affected economic activities worldwide. However, the pandemic has subsided in China and has created business opportunities for companies in the high resistivity silicon wafers market.

Manufacturers are adopting contingency plans due to volatile demand and supply of products. They are anticipating market revival beginning of 2022, since the global market is experiencing a demand shortage of electronic products. Since electronic products do not fall in the category of essential services, manufacturers are establishing trade activities in Japan, South Korea, and Australia where the pandemic has significantly subsided.

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Strategic Collaborations Increase Smartphone Offerings in Mass Market

The proliferation of 4G and 5G technologies in the telecommunications sector is creating value-grab opportunities for companies in the high resistivity silicon wafers market. Soitec— a manufacturer of innovative semiconductor materials has joined forces with Qualcomm Technologies— a semiconductor company based in San Diego, to boost the supply of piezoelectric-on-insulator (POI) engineered substrates for 4G and 5G RF (Radio Frequency) filters.

Companies in the high resistivity silicon wafers market are ramping up their production for POI substrates in order to develop RF filters for smartphones. Such business activities are contributing toward the growth of the market, which is estimated to reach the value of US$ 337.6 Mn by 2030. Since high resistivity silicon wafers form as the foundation of RF filters, smartphone manufacturers are able to increase their product offerings in the mass market.

Customized Silicon Wafers Address Issues in High Frequency Range Applications

The high resistivity silicon wafers market is slated to expand at a robust CAGR of 8% during the forecast period. However, many semiconductor devices respond poorly in high frequency range. Hence, manufacturers are offering customized high resistivity silicon wafers to end users in order to resolve issues pertaining to high frequency range applications. For instance, Wafer World— a supplier of silicon wafers to companies, laboratories, and educational institutions, is increasing its output capabilities to provide high-quality silicon wafers suitable for high frequency range.

High quality resistivity silicon wafers are being used for the integration of complex and readily build-up microelectronic circuits. Companies in the high resistivity silicon wafers market are increasing their production in single side polished and silicon on insulator wafers. Okmetic— a supplier of silicon wafers for MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) manufacturing is offering customized solutions to clients with the help of innovative product development.

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Silicon on Insulator Wafers Acquire Prominence in MEMS Manufacturing and Pressure Sensors

The demanding sensor applications have fueled the need for high resistivity silicon wafers. Apart from sensors, manufacturers in the high resistivity silicon wafers market are tapping into incremental opportunities in MEMS manufacturing. In order to boost their credibility credentials, companies are establishing flexible supply chains and increasing their product portfolio in silicon wafers. They are increasing their R&D capabilities to gain expertise in silicon on insulator wafer production.

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The high-tech expertise in high resistivity silicon wafers is benefitting stakeholders in the security systems and power electronics industries. Manufacturers in the high resistivity silicon wafers market are boosting their output capacities in silicon on insulator wafers that are being extensively used in silicon microphones, fluidic components, and pressure sensors, among others.