Here are different types of iphone parts you need to know about!!

The iphone is the magic of the Smartphone world, which is made by Apple. The mobile brand is introduced by CEO Steve Jobs to public use on January 9, 2007, in San Francisco at the conference of MacWorld 2007. It comes in the market for sale on June 29 of the same year. There are 13 million iphone sold in the device’s first five quarters. The apple company has the highest share in the market and comes earns the billion-dollar turnover in the market. People can also buy the iphone parts from the manufacturer company at a genuine price.

Iphone first generations included several features in manufacturing

• Wi-Fi automatic detection network

• uses of different GSM band

• short networking range for the Bluetooth connectivity

The newest and unique technology phone has gain mo9re and more audience because of its advanced technology and design. The whole system of the iphone is run on the ios. Apple comes with different devices such as smartphones, iwatch, air pods, iPad, and many other gadgets. Entire gadgets have a total of 2.2 million apps over in its app store.

Here is the list of different production parts of the iphone

1. Logic board

Touch id button, we can also say this heart and brain of the smartphone. It is the main circuit board on which the phone’s RAM and ROM perform their work.

The logic board comes in the essential iphone parts, which is used for the phone system. The whole flash storage and everything related to apps and processor are depending on it.

2. Battery life

There are many parts available in the market, which you can get as the aftermarket services. The battery is a pretty simple addition made by the apple company. Without a battery, any smartphone is a waste. The whole phone system works on its power, which comes from the battery.

3. Phone’ screen

The main assemble among the iphone parts is the screen. Usually, whenever people got any problem with their phones, there is the only reason because the incident happened. They slip their phone because of the mobile’s lose grip, and the LCD screen broke because of the fall down. One can replace it from the company by purchasing the part from the online store and directly asking from the repair center of their state or country.

Moreover, the screen also has the 3d sensor in their touch by which people can sue the fingerprint and unlock their phone. The phone screen `is come with the protective guard; whenever the screen break, the guard also damaged because of it. People have to buy both parts of the company. Not only this, but the front camera also gets affected because of the screen damage.


To summarize this article, we have mainly featured the iphone parts, which people can buy from the online store. Also, asks the company for the replacement part if their phone is in the warranty period because, at that time, one will get all the refurbished part in less expensive cost.