Real estate investment is still the go-to for old-school capitalists who don’t rely on modern ideas of investment. Regardless of how profitable cryptocurrencies might seem, nothing beats owning real estate in your home country.

Not only is it safe, but you can also be sure that the value of your asset is only going to appreciate. Property prices, especially in a country like India, are almost always appreciating. Even recently, properties in Kalwa saw a rise of 23.3% in their value following 2022. Similarly, properties in Thane for sale saw a rise of 19.8%.

We can safely conclude from the above-mentioned facts that real estate investments are reliably profitable. Obviously, buying properties before their appreciation will bring in incredible ROI even if you don’t flip it.

However, whenever a new investor enters the market, they encounter a plethora of problems. To help you with most of them, let’s take a look at some helpful tips for real estate investors hoping to secure inventories in India:

Get Started with Professional Help

Right off the bat, you need to appreciate the importance of hiring professional help. Based on various findings, it’s simple and evident that real estate agents and brokers are particularly helpful. Aiding in situations ranging from market research to specific negotiations, agents will always prove their worth. In fact, considering the extra effort they’ll make in visiting places and narrowing down more plausible options, you’ll find they’re worth more than the added expense.

Anyone who thinks they can go through the whole transaction process alone is in for a cascading series of stressful catastrophes. Since there are a lot of things to consider and research, one can not hope to go through everything alone. Especially without prior market knowledge and experience in the field, scenarios such as locating properties, negotiating with sellers, etc. can become tough.

Rethink Neighbourhoods

Investment homes shouldn’t be a spitting image of your personal desires. That’s what your dream home is supposed to be. When investing in a house to rent it out, you have to predict the scenario from the perspective of the tenant. This will help you prioritise the requirements with regards to the new property.

Obviously, most things that you would want in your new home would remain the same. Amenities and facilities that you’d like for yourself such as parks, fitness centres, restaurants, malls, access to nearby transportation, etc. would also appeal to tenants. That’s why we recommend getting in the shoes of your potential tenants and thinking of things from their perspective. You can easily use all of this as a tool to win over negotiations.

Focus on Future Developments

Most of the MMR is due for an infrastructural makeover. What this means is that the market is going to evolve at an exponential rate. With real estate, it’s a rule of thumb that whenever governments sign off on huge infrastructural projects, investment becomes a top priority. This is because there are countless changes that will unravel, with most of them proving favourable for investments made at the right time. An example of this can be the metro lines and the trans harbour link that is due for completion in the next few years.

We can anticipate crucial developments in the commercial as well as residential sector in times to come. These will include the blooming of commercial and housing developments that’ll pave the way for even more projects. Down the line, we can expect a lot of appreciation with regards to property prices as soon as these projects reach completion.

Not only will projects like these connect the northern MMR with the southern end, but they will also allow for inter-metropolitan travel at a seamless pace. Therefore, if you plan to buy property in Thane or other nearby areas, you should do it now. Because once these projects are near completion, they will inevitably result in a price hike during which time you’ll wish you’re not a buyer in the market.

Even now, there’s a plethora of opportunities just waiting to be found and profits waiting to be made. While it’s always a choice to instantly go for the next good property listing you buy, we recommend taking the time to research. The more information you find, the better the deals you can get. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips, you can be sure that you’re on your way to earn high ROIs.