Hearing Aids: Why you should make the right choice?

Our ears play a key role in helping us hear and maintain balance. Hearing impairment can cause dismay in your life-impacting daily activities. One might feel helpless and depressed due to hearing impairment. However, with modern hearing aids, one is able to lead a completely normal life.

The ENT Clinic Singapore has an array of modern hearing aids with a range of different models and styles. The clinic even offers in-house evaluation for hearing aids with a complete review by an audiologist. The ENT team will perform the required auditory testing and assess to find which hearing aid is most suitable for you. The clinic has trained audiologists and other support staff to assist you in auditory rehabilitation.

There is a low level of willingness in embracing hearing aids among hearing impaired subjects even today. This is due to anxiety and myths which the patients hold. The ENT doctors at this clinic are flexible and friendly making it easy for you to have a conversation about any fears you might hold. Patients with mild to moderate hearing loss are counseled for hearing rehabilitation by the otolaryngologist. Receiving a hearing aid earlier reduces any subsequent auditory deprivation and improves the quality of life of patients. Despite the need for the device, only 1 in 5 patients chooses to proceed with hearing aids.

Some facts to consider before you pick up a hearing aid:

Although hearing aids do not restore normal hearing, they help to amplify sounds you hear and reduce background competing noise. This aids in the hearing process and enhances better interaction with your colleagues helping you to hear. You also regain a chance to enjoy your favourite TV or radio shows this way and enjoy life more.

There are two distinct types to consider across a wide variety of hearing aids:

Daily use hearing aids: These hearing aids give you the flexibility of putting it on and taking it off whenever you want. Generally, individuals insert it in, during the start of the day and remove it at bedtime. Most of these hearing aids are water resistant and they can be used during outdoor activities. However, you need to keep them removed while swimming or when under the shower. These hearing aid models come in options that can be placed behind the ear or inside the ear.

Extended wear hearing aids: Unlike the daily use hearing aids, these are inserted by an audiologist and the device sits in close proximity to the eardrum. It is not visible to others and it can be in the ear for a couple of months without the need for replacing the battery. These hearing aids can be used under the shower, but not while swimming. You will have to visit an ENT doctor to have it replaced every 2 months.

Understanding the severity of your hearing impairment

Evaluating a hearing aid use, involves a team effort. This is not just about a hearing test, but an entire process to evaluate your hearing loss. It will be helpful to carry any notes with you to your ENT doctor about episodes and situations when you had trouble hearing. This will help the audiologist or hearing specialist to understand your unique hearing challenges.

Additional information about your hearing loss situation adds value to the evaluation process. This includes the duration of time and severity of hearing loss as well as understanding about your lifestyle and listening goals. This information will suggest which hearing aid is best suited for you.

One size doesn’t fit all

One needs to be particular in selecting the right hearing aid. One size doesn’t fit all. A hearing aid which suits your friend may not be the choice for you. The lifestyle and hearing needs of everyone is unique and keeping this in mind, together with factors like the cost and the patient’s insurance policy. You and your audiologist can select the right hearing aid for you. An expensive hearing aid will not always guarantee the best choice- it needs to fit the shape and size of your auditory canal.

Make use of the trial period

Make the most of any trial period offered for your hearing aid. It may seem overwhelming to choose a hearing aid, but this trial time frame lets you make a clear and important decision. Make sure to visit the audiologist a few times and discuss if you have any issues or concerns. Get the hearing aid fine-tuned as necessary. You will be able to make a personal assessment on how you feel with the new hearing aid and how it has improved your hearing ability.

Take your partner along

It will be useful to take your partner along for your ENT appointments. This will give you additional emotional support and help reveal important details to your ENT doctor about your hearing impairment. This adds value to the hearing journey and your partner will be able to keep a track of the information which the ENT doctor is passing. If you have any concerns, it is important to discuss with the ENT team regarding your hearing aids and your partner will be a great resource.

An open mind

It may take a while to adjust to the new hearing aids. Keep an keep an open mind rather than have preconceived notions. Hearing aids cannot reproduce natural hearing, but today’s devices have come a long way with many features to help lead a normal life. It is important to understand that the type of hearing loss and the severity of the problem may only permit certain hearing aids to be used.
The ENT Clinic with its modern facilities is one of the best diagnostic centers for ear disorders in Singapore. The clinic is flexible for your options and has trained audiologists and a team of professionals to help guide you along the way.