Having a bad windshield prevents the ITV from passing


Having good visibility while driving is essential for your road safety and that of other users on the road. The 90% of the information we receive when we are at the wheel comes through sight, the vast majority through the windshield. And it is that the front glass is among the most important passive safety elements of a vehicle, since it is part of the pieces that are responsible for minimizing the damage produced in a collision.

Everyone is clear about the importance of always wearing a seat belt in a vehicle or the many positive aspects that airbags in a car bring. However, few drivers give the windshield the importance it deserves in terms of safety. Driving with a broken front glass can lead to fatal consequences in the event of an accident. Hence the importance of repairing or replacing the moon as soon as possible in case of any damage.

What to do in the event of a broken windshield?

According to the car glass repair and replacement company Car glass, in the event of a breakage, it is advisable in the first place to repair it, if possible. This process will save you time and money and reduce the use of materials to protect the environment. The best thing to avoid these things is maintaining your car and check every week that if car needs any maintenance like changing oil? Or does a car need external maintenance like car polishing using best polishing machine or windshield should be changed or not.

The windshield of a car is an essential part to hold the structure of the passenger compartment. In this way, if a traffic accident occurs and the glass is not in optimal condition, the chances of the vehicle being crushed would increase. Always keeping it in good repair is one way to protect all car occupants.

But maintenance should not be limited only to its correct cleaning to drive with good visibility, but you must be aware of any breakage or fissure that is generated to repair it as soon as possible.

A broken or dirty windshield hinders your vision and dramatically increases the risk of an accident. Its function is not limited to protecting occupants from the air, rain, snow and even insects, but it is also in charge of filtering the solar rays to reduce the inconvenience caused to the driver and increase their safety.

The General Traffic Regulation makes it clear that “the glazed surface of the vehicle must, in any case, allow the driver’s clear visibility on the entire road on which it is traveling” and also that “the driver of a vehicle is obliged to maintain the field necessary vision ”. So failure to comply will lead to fines of up to 200 euros.

In case the break is larger, the only option is to replace the window, always using approved glass. This replacement has no cost for those drivers who have glass insurance and, in most cases, it does not affect the bonus premium because it is not a loss case, so the price is not a reason to move less either. Safe with a broken glass.

Nor is time an inconvenience, since the client can deliver his vehicle and pick it up the same day with the new moon already installed and in perfect condition to circulate safely on the roads.