Handy Guide for Buying the Dreamy King Bed Sheets

Handy Guide for Buying the Dreamy King Bed Sheets

Dreaming of a perfect and snuggly soft bed is easy. You imagine your bed to be soft, nicely textured, and fluffy whereas the sheets are neatly tucked and bedspreads float on the floor creating an exquisite and opulent feel during the day. Whereas for night you dream of a cozy bed that hugs you tightly and provides you a cuddling space. When jumping on the bed feels like you are diving into endlessly soft and smooth cotton balls. Then why do you turn your imaginary bed into reality? If you have a king size bed, high quality king bed sheets & necessary bedding components can make your bed soft and fluffy like you’ve been thinking all the way. Other than all the bedding elements, bed sheets play the most crucial part because they come directly in contact with the body. Therefore, bed sheets must be soft and comfortable. Here’s what you need to know as you are sorting the best kind bed sheets for your bed.

Know your bed size

The name of the bed isn’t enough for buying the right sized bedding. You should have precise measurements so that the sheets go nicely all over the bed having enough fabric to drape as well. For this purpose you are required to have the precise mattress measurements. For buying the king fitted sheets you are required to measure the thickness, width, & the length of the mattress whereas for the flat sheet you need the length and width only. The standard sizes for a king size fitted sheet are 183cm×203cm×40cm whereas for king bed sheets or flat sheets are 285cm×275cm.

It’s better if you buy the top sheets 3-4cm longer and wider than the measurements to make the chances of an unfitted or small sheet unlikely.

Choose a reliable store

Nowadays many online stores, home decor retailers, house brands, and other stores carrying tough and unique names have been selling the king fitted sheets in various color schemes, fabrics, designs, and patterns. Many offer you embroidered and patch worked bed sheets as well. So you are likely to have endless options when it comes to buying. So, buying online or offline you need to find a reliable store that deals with the high quality products only.

Buying online is a bit risky because you cannot check the quality of sheets physically and you have to rely on the written description or customer reviews. A few reliable online sales that have been working for years and have good reputations should be considered for buying. On the contrary if you are going to the market to buy the bed sheets personally, shop around to check the quality and other available options.

Choose the fabric wisely

When it comes to the fabric material of the bed sheets, there are many natural and synthetic fabrics available. Cotton, linen, Egyptian cotton, polyester, jacquard, microfiber, and satin are the most widely used ones. While buying the bed sheets, do not impress with the beauty of the sheets or the fabric material. Look for the thread count and number of ply. Also, figure out which fabric material suits your body type and sleeping habits. For instance, if you are a warm sleeper you should opt for cotton, Egyptian cotton, and linen sheets for the moisture absorbing and cooling properties. Similarly, the cold sleepers should avoid these fabrics and go for the polyester, microfiber, and satin sheets because they tend to keep the body warm.

Note that whatever the fabric you go for, should have soft and smooth texture, high thread count, single ply, and neat tailored finishing.

See the washing instruction

Many fabric materials cannot be washed at home. Like silk and linen because silk sheets are sensitive and need special care. They need dry cleaning which increases the maintenance cost and increases the monthly expenditure. Similarly, linen sheets shrink when washed and need special care as well. Therefore, it’s necessary to check the washing instruction label and choose the one that is easy to maintain. If you opt for a sophisticated fabric material, remember to clean it as per the label says to keep the sheets as fresh as new, retaining their texture.

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