Hair Removal Wax Market : Top Key Players, Application, Growth Analysis And Forecasts To 2030

Hair removal wax, a type of depilatory, is a product invented to chemically or physically eliminate undesirable hair from areas on the body. They are usually made by blending suitable raw materials in large tanks and then filling them into individual packages. With abundance of waxing products available in the market, innovations in hair removers are being studied to make the products less irritating, more effective, and long lasting, which are expected to drive the global hair removal wax market during the forecast period.

There is a variety of waxing techniques in the present market, with warm waxing being one of the popular forms. The warm wax is used by spreading over the body and stripping the hair off with the help of a paper strip. The warm wax is often confused with the hot wax where the hot wax is applied to the body, and left to cool and harden on the skin. The wax is directly pulled off from the skin removing the hair and is preferred by many individuals depending on the skin type. Compared to shaving, waxing removes hairs from the root, whereas shaving cut off hair close to the skin level. Thus, waxing is mostly preferred due to its incredibly smooth finish and long-lasting effect. Several ways of waxing and its long lasting effect are anticipating to fuel the expansion of the hair removal wax market during the forecast period.

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Increase in Online Sales Not Offsetting Decline in In-store Sales

The global cosmetic industry has been through a shock due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A heavy slowdown in sales due to stringent government regulations for manufactures and widespread store closures continues in 2021, and is expected to last until the end of the year. However, the market witnessed a growing demand for cosmetics before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the hair removal wax. Presently, in a variety of regional markets, consumers intend to spend less on cosmetics such as skincare and hair removal products and more on discretionary products including clothing or footwear.

The hair removal wax market is responding positively to the pandemic with some of the manufacturers switching to produce hand sanitizers and disinfecting products; however, many still struggle to mass-produce and advertise their waxing products amidst the crisis. Nevertheless, industry leaders are doing their best to ensure the survival of the business, as the market also accounts for millions of jobs, directly and indirectly. Many of the hair removal wax manufacturers and retailers are scaling up their product through eCommerce, and the sales have doubled from pre-COVID-19 times in the online segment. However, the market is still facing a slowdown due to stores being shut, as majority of products were preferred offline. The hair removal wax market is expected to rapidly grow in the post-COVID-19 pandemic, overcoming the restraints and losses faced during this time.

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Hard Wax versus Soft Wax: Which is Better?

The hair removal wax market consists of a variety of brands and types of wax, yet majorly falling into two main categories: hard wax and soft wax. People that are beginning to wax mostly prefer soft wax. Soft wax is used with a waxing spatula. This wax is popularly used for larger areas such as arms, legs, and armpit. However, hard wax is thicker and applied after warming up with a spatula. Hard wax is generally preferred, while waxing the face. Moreover, for sensitive areas such as the bikini area, hard wax can be a better option, as it attaches only to the hair, relieving the discomfort and possible irritation experienced in the process.

As compared to soft wax that sticks to the skin and exfoliates, hard wax is less painful in sensitive areas with a less painful experience. The hard wax can only be used for smaller areas as it can break easily, whereas, soft wax can work better on the larger areas with perfectly grabbing the hairs. For stickiness, hard wax leaves no gluey debris and is easier to clean as compared to soft wax’s sticky residues. However, as hard wax can be more expensive than soft wax, they are less popular in various regional markets. The producers are focusing on the flaws of each type of wax to make it more useful with less struggle for consumers. This is expected to boost the global hair removal wax market during the forecast period.

  • Key players operating in the hair removal wax market include
    • American International Industries (GIGI)
    • Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (Nair)
    • FILO BIANCO S.r.l.
    • Sue Ismiel and Daughters (Nad’s)
    • Parissa Laboratories Inc.
    • Le Club Perron Rigot
    • The Darent Wax Company Ltd.
    • Rica Group
    • Sally Hansen
    • Starpil Wax Co.

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