Hair Care- The New Buzz In Body Care Industry

Hair care is whole diverse field of study which involves the overall hygiene and cosmetology related to hair and scalp. The skincare has been the talk of the town for years and both men and women are obsessing over clear skin. Not only having clear and healthy skin makes you look good but it also boosts up your confidence by a degree. But we often forget how hair effect personality and impression on others. Dull, damaged, and dry hair subdue your outlook whereas shiny and voluminous hair bring every element of your persona together. Thankfully, nowadays hair care is making a buzz in the body care industry which is absolutely a great news. According to BusinessWIreDotCom (London’s Top Blog), the total sum up of hair care market will increase 4.9 millions during 2022 to 2024 and according the latest report from Technavio CAGR processing over 1 throughout the seasons.

Hair care experts are doing their best to guide the general public regarding Best Hair Care Products and methods. Dandruff and balding are two common problems that can be avoided by taking proper care of your hair for all of us, so having bouncy and voluminous hair don’t seem like a far fetched dream. To make things easy for you we have designed a curated list of dos and don’ts that will help your sort out your hair care routine and if you will take care of this list then for sure, your hairs will make you more fresh and good every day.

The Perfect List of Do and Don’t for Your Hair Care

Wash Your Hair Regularly: The amount of pollution we face daily makes it extremely vital to wash your hair daily to avoid sweat, sebum, and dust build- up. The frequency of washing your hair also depends on the hair type. If you have dry hair shampooing twice a week will be more than enough. For oily hair shampooing in alternate days or on a regular basis is the best option.
Use SLS-Free Shampoo: Environmental damage is not in your hands but you have utter control over the products you choose for your hair. SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate), other sulfates and parabens can cause irritation in your scalp over time and can increase the incidence of hormonal disruption.
Use Wide-toothed Comb: Wide-toothed comb helps untangle hair without breaking them. It is ideal to comb in dry hair and air drying them if you have time is the best. Wet hair are prone to breakage so avoid combing wet hair.
Trim Your Hair Regularly: Trimming the dead ends or split ends regularly is the only way to go. Trimming doesn’t help magically grow hair as growth starts from the roots but it does sure help in keeping your hair healthy.
Avoid Hot Showers: Hot water drys out the scalp and drains out natural oils leaving it flaky and irritated. Whereas cold water soothes the cuticles and is best to wash hair.
Avoid Washing Hair With Hard Water: Salt water or hard water damage the hair cuticle, irritate the scalp and makes hair dull and tangled. It is also best to avoid being in the swimming pool or chlorinated water for long.
Avoid Excessive Heat Styling: Prolong exposure to heat can result in ruining hair shine and texture. Using heat protection sprays is very important before curling, straightening, or blow drying to reduce the heat damage.

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