Gun holsters and the material used in making them


Gun holsters are known to be among complicated accessories. You will understand all this when it is time for you to purchase one for your firearm. One thing that you should know and understand about 1911 holsters is that they are not one-size-fits-all.  If there was a standard fit for all firearms, a large number of companies that manufacturer firearm accessories wouldn’t be exiting now. Every firearm is unique and that is what makes choosing the right holster a daunting job. There are many things that you can look for when you are choosing your holster and one of them is checking the material used in making the holster. Here are some of the materials used in making gun holsters

Leather material

The first common material that you should expect to find out there is the leather holsters material. Leather is also known to be among the oldest material used in gun holsters. A gun holster made of leather material is something that can last you a lifetime or for a very long time. How long the leather holster will last will also depend on things such as the cost and the quality of the holster. Always remember that what you pay for is always what you will get. With a leather holster, the more you stay with it and wear it, the more comfortable you will feel. The good thing about leather holsters is that they can be worn against the skin without feeling any skin irritation. Although leather holsters may stick, it is not irritable like other materials such as nylon and chafe.

Composite holsters

The second type of holster that you are likely to come across is the composite holster. Today, there are many gun holsters in the market that have been made from synthetics, Kydex, or any other plastic material. These types of holsters are known to be very durable and affordable as well. They are loved by many people because of that. With composite holsters, you can find them in different colors. This simply means that you can buy a holster that is pleasing to your eye and one that you feel comfortable having. With many options available, you are very sure to find something that you want and need.

Cloth and Nylon

This is another material that holsters can be made of. If you have done your research very well, you must have discovered that there are holsters made from fabric and not just any fabric but heavy-duty fabric. Most of them have an interior with a pocket where the firearm will be placed or sit. They also come with a flap that covers the envelope or the firearm. These types of holsters are loved by many people for doing a good job in protecting firearms. With all the coverage that these types of firearm holsters provide, the firearm can’t be exposed to the environment. They are not only resistant to scratches but are also very durable.